Belly Button Innie Or Outie

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Annette - December 7

Just as a for-fun survey, how do your belly-buttons look like? Mine is an innie.


Selena - December 7

36 weeks and still an innie!


J - December 7

38 weeks and it's an innie and I believe it will remain an innie.


Beth - December 7

31 weeks and its an innie but its starting to look long the other way -- kind of wierd looking


choc - December 7

40 weeks and im an innie-ish flat wierd thing lol


Jessica - December 7

almost 36 weeks and totally flat!


Swtpea - December 7

36wks now, and mine is flat. I can pull lighltly on the skin around it and make it look sort of outie lol, so who knows, prolly stay flat, but I have a few more weeks to go too lol.


c - December 7

33 weeks and its flat!!!!!!!! looks funny :)~


Annette - December 7

Flat? Never heard of that!! LOL!!! I wish I had one! My belly b___ton looks like the hole in a bagel :)))


Ang - December 7

I had an outie to begin with so, as my dh says, it was more of a "belly bean" than a b___ton. I'm 37 weeks now and since it's even more pushed out it has been dubbed a "belly sprout" since... I guess it 'grew'.


Angela - December 8

29 weeks and innie. Just the skin at the top is stretched tight. I also didn't get the belly stripe either!


Emy - December 8

30 weeks and still an innie, although the outside is like almost shut, folded like....(I can't really see the inside anymore)


Michelle - December 8

33 weeks and it is still an innie... not sure for how much longer though


Lauren - December 8

I'm 40 1/2 weeks and mine has been an outie on top and flat on the bottom for several months now. Hubby calls it a ski slope and a friend of mine says its an eye that my little one uses to see the world thru.


Ashley - December 8

31 weeks and it's . . . weird! It's flat but at the top the skin kinda folds over and sticks out. Just a little. So weird looking. I don't really care what it does, but hubby's family has all been waiting for it to pop out - for weeks and weeks now - so I'm kinda like, HA! :)


Beth - December 8

Mine sometimes looks like it goes in, but for the most part it's just flat, but has anyone else noticed like a million blood vessels showing around your belly b___ton, mine almost even looks bruised, is anyone elses like this?


Natalie - December 8

29 weeks, and an innie (mine was a very deep belly b___ton though!!!) i never got the linea nigra either!



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