Belly Button Piercing For You 3 Tri Mommas

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livdea - February 7

Hey girlies, I'm in my second trimester and well, not getting a good response over there to my question. I was just curious to hear about any of you ladies that had your belly pierced. What's it look like, did it tear, did you take out your ring or get a plastic one? Someone told me to take my ring out now so it can heal but I've had it for years, so I doubt it will heal right away. I'm currantly 17.5 weeks and just looking for some girls that can tell me their personal experiences. I don't have to keep it in, not sure I even will just wanting to know! Thanks a bunch and good luck to all of you! I can't wait to be on the 3rd tri board!


Tasha - February 7

Im 32 1/2 weeks and mine is still in, it doesnt bother me so why not. I think until it starts to bother you then you should take it out. I know people that delivered their babies and kept it in the whole time. Good luck!


KATIE - February 7



Marlene - February 7

I'm almost 34wks and took mine out @14wks. My belly b___ton started to pop out so i had no choice, it appears to have closed but I dont know if it just looks that way b/c of the stretching. If my belly b___ton didnt start to pop I would have left it in.


Kaley - February 7

Im 34 wks also and i took mine out at about 20 weeks I think...i hasn't closed up but like once every 2 wks I push a belly b___ton ring through it to make sure it doesnt close up but I think i waited to long to take it out because I now have streach marks right above it.


shelly - February 7

I'm 40 weeks on sunday and I took mine out around 14 weeks I would say. Mine was starting to hurt a little and would feel tender so I took it out. I was surprised a week later when I tried to see if it would go back in that it didn't. I was really surprised considering I had it done 12 years ago!! Now you can just see a little hole where it was, it never got bigger and I don't have any stretch marks or anything, hope that helps. My belly b___ton never came all the way out either, so I don't know why it was so tender.


Autumn - February 7

I am 32 weeks and I took mine out at around 24 weeks.Like others I just pop a ring in every couple of weeks to keep the hole open.I asked my midwife about it in the beginnig and she said to take it out when it gets uncomfortable-but it will cause no harm in the meantime.


Honey Bee - February 7

Im 30 weeks and I took mine out in the begining when I first found out. I heard it can cause stretch marks and all my friends that have belly piercings and children have weird stretch marks I took it out hoping it would heal and not do that so far so good. Ill get back to you in another 10 weeks


Holly - February 7

I am 36 weeks and still have mine in. My belly b___ton has not popped out yet but is even with my other skin. My doc says its fine. It has not bothered me once.


Jenny - February 8

I took mine out at around 26 weeks because the doc made me. I never put anything threw it at was able to put it back in a month after I had my baby. I did get one strech mark, but my belly ring covers it up.


Kim C. - February 8

I'm 36 weeks. I had to take mine out around 32 weeks. I thought it was maybe infected because it was a little sore and red around it. My body actually started to push the ring out. My belly b___ton is still an innie and I was hoping I wouldn't have to take it out.


Samantha - February 8

I am 31 weeks now and still have mine in. Doctor says it's fine unless it starts stretching. I plan to keep it in right up until I give birth! Good Luck! :)


Shell Bell - February 8

I'm 34 weeks and I still have mine in. It doesn't bother me and I haven't had any stretch marks near or around it. I plan to keep it in unless something changes or it starts to bother me, good luck!


Melissa - February 8

Just had my baby and still has belly b___ton RING in!!



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