Belly Button Question

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Abigail - April 20

How far along am I supposed to be before my belly button pops out? I'll be 5 months next week and my belly button looks that same as it did before I got pregnant. My cousin is also pregnant and her belly button popped out at 3 months. Is it normal?


^lucy^ - April 20

hi abigail,, im 35 weeks and my belly b___ton didnt pop out.. i asked my mom earlier in my pregnancy and told me that hers never popped out either during her pregnancies.. i guess it just doesnt happen for all people :)


Abigail - April 20

Thank you lucy, that's good to know. I was already worried. Thanks a lot and good luck!


^lucy^ - April 20

u welcome abigail :) thanks, u too good luck in ur coming months and enjoy it,, it will pa__s by before u even know me!!


Emily - April 20

Mine never popped out with my first and I am now 31 weeks and still nothing with this one. It really depend on you and the baby. The baby's position has a lot to do with it.....if he or she isn't pressed up against it, it won't pop out. I was worried abount the mask of pregnancy and the line down your middle and all that stuff that never happend to me. I was so lucky I guess. They tell you all that stuff so you don't freak out if it happens. Well I think they should also take the time to tell you that it may never happen and that is perfectly


Ba8y6irl - April 20

I am 35 weeks and my belly b___ton still hasnt popped out... it all depends on what your belly b___ton is like... no 2 are alike! Mine is flush with my belly, so it looks like I dont have one... although I have a scar from a piercing, if I didnt have that you couldnt tell I had a belly b___ton! Dont sweat the little stuff... if its going to pop it will in due time :-)


ash2 - April 20

hey abigail, my belly b___ton popped out around 30 weeks, right about when i really started to look very pregnant


Jenn - April 20

With my first-mine never did-it just stretched, but with this pregnancy its popping out and I am 33 weeks. It may not pop out at all.


meme - April 20

I'm fully nine months preggo, and mine didn't pop out 'til two months ago.


Nita_ - April 20

I'm in my 31st week now and my belly b___ton was getting stretched all through my pregnancy and it kinda "popped" but not quite inside out (if that's what Pop means). But now lately, i've noticed once in a while that it actually goes there is a depression thats created there..its odd! And also have noticed the area around it is turning darker too...I guess it all depends from person to person!


Jilloh - April 20

I delivered a healthy 8 pound 4 ounce 21 inch long baby boy on April 3 and I went through my whole pregnancy and my belly b___ton only got shallower it never actually popped out, not even on the day I delivered.


Renee-Marie - April 20

it varies from person to person. Your cousin may have had a more flush belly b___ton. if your's is deep, it might take a while to pop out. I had one that was almost flush to the surface, but considered an "In-ie". It didn't truly pop until closer to the later 20 weeks. (28, 29 etc). I also notice that some days it is out further than others - I think it greatly depends on where the baby is laying.



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