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synesthesia1821 - September 30

did anyone else have theirs leave stretch marks? i was trying to keep mine from closing up so i kept mine in until about a week or two ago, i have stretch marks ALL around the piercing, and it looks horrible. anyone else have this happen to them? anyone know of any way to minimize the appearance of stretch marks? do you know if theyll be noticeable after the pregnancy?


fitzerin - September 30

I took out my belly b___ton piercing at 3 months...and I still got stretch marks all around the piercing..Actually it has looked bruised since my belly b___ton popped out. I hear that cocoa b___ter works to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. I'm slathering that on daily now to hopefully make them lighter.


WP - September 30

I don't have one but I always wondered what would happen to a tattoo or bb rings. I don''t know how far along you are synesthesia1821, but I'm looking at my 39 week bb right now wondering where you could even attach a piercing - it's flat as a pancake. How long can you keep it out before it grows over? Would a hoop be better?


swollenangel - October 1

i also have/had a belly ring ... took mine out at about 12wks, when it kinda felt like it was stretching...I'm 20wks now and there are no stretch marks (yet) - not on my belly or anywhere else... and my belly hasnt popped yet (altho somedays it looks like its gonna - guess it depends where/how lo is lying) i was thinking about putting my ring back in, but now i'm not so sure-i dont want it to stretch... i had mine done about 6 yrs ago, so i knew it wasnt closing up anytime soon... i just dont want any stretchmarks there ... how far along are you now synesthesia1821?


sahm2alaj - October 1

I don't think the bb ring has anything to do with your stretch marks. I have one as well, but didn't keep it in at all when I found out i was pg. I have had it for almost 10 years so i rarley put jewelry in it anymore and the hole is not going to close. From what i have read stretch marks are hereditary and it depends on your skin type etc... I have been lathering up with Palmers cocoa b___ter since day 1 with all 3 of my pg's. It helps keep belly smooth :)


angie m - October 1

I have my belly b___ton pierced and bought one of those pregnancy bar bell ones to put in there because I didn't have the piercing very long before getting pregnant and I don't want it to close up. I will be 32 weeks tomorrow and haven't gotten any stretch marks around it. I have some on my sides but they are mostly form my other 3 pregnancies. Stretch marks do fade a lot, you will still be able to see them but they will be very light.


jamcar06 - October 1

i had mine pierced, and yes I do have stretch marks around it, i'm sure that the scar tissue is what caused the stretch marks around the belly b___ton. I've been using cocoa b___ter, also, and mine have already faded a lot, I'm 36 weeks. they will fade, but they will be noticable. oh, swollenangel, mine didn't start showing up till about 25 or 25 weeks, so keep on putting the lotion on as often as possible. it won't prevent them, but it will minimize them.



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