Belly Button Ring Feedback Please

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little_snowball - February 8

i just found out that i am pregnant, and i know you are supposed to take out the belly button ring. but what i don't get, is if i take it out, won't i still have a huge ugly mark from it being stretched out so far? or what will REALLY happen if i don't take it out at all? a girlfriend of mine left hers in and it didn't do anything.


Sanrio - February 8

I had a belly b___ton ring as well when I found out I was pregnant. I took it out and the hole does not stretch out, however, you can still tell I had a hole there, but it has closed out. The only thing to keep in mind is that your baby gets all the nutrients through the umbilical cord, which is tied to your belly b___ton. The risk of infection is there with the skin stretching and more potential substances entering an "open wound". I would take it out and then once you give birth, if you choose to, re-pierce your belly. Better safe than sorry :-)


Chrissy - February 8

I took mine out at like 8weeks just to be safe. I wanted it to grow back before I started stretching it. Now it just looks like a hole but its closed. It hasnt stretched yet.


mia - February 8

first off the umbilical cord is attached to where your baby's belly b___ton will be not yours!! :) I had a belly b___ton ring when i found out i was pregnant with my first and i took it out by the time i was a few months along. it closed up and did not stretch into a big hole but it did leave an unpretty scar. anything you would expect with any piercing i would expect. i would just leave it in and keep being the hip mom that you are...i wish i would have kept mine in!!


Allie - February 8

I did not take it out right away, but it started stretching pretty bad so I took it out at about 4 hasn't stretched any more since then, but it looks ugly from the stretching it already did.


Laci - February 8

i wanted to leave mine in but i am only 4 months along and it was already getting red from stretching i guess. so i had to take it out.


Tamara - February 8

I took mine out right's not worth it just in case infection does come. I've heard of woman keeping it in but it won't look to pretty by the end. Do what you feel is best. Goodluck with your pregnancy!


AMY - February 8

Im 31 wks pregnant and my belly b___ton has streched at all. My belly ring is fine and my dr hasnt said anything about taking it out. I dont plan to take it out until I go to the hospital and thats bc I dont wont it to get in the way of anything that needs to go on my belly.


Jess - February 8

I kept mine in for my whole pregnancy with my first.... i have never heard of anything being bad about keeping it it . and my belly b___ton looked just fine after and still does!! It looks like it streches bad while ur pregnant but it goes back to the way it was ..well it did with me! and im currently 28 weeks and still have mine in again ! Goodluck!


Samantha - February 8

Hey, I am now 31 weeks and still have my belly b___ton ring in. My doctor said it is just fine to stay in unless it starts stretching which it hasn't. I say if yours doesn't stretch, keep it in. Good Luck! :)



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