Belly Button Ring At 38 Weeks Bleeding

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starlight_94 - January 28

Ok, my question is about my peircing hole. I havent had a ring in for a while, but now being so large, it has stretched to the point it is ripping and bleeding. Anyone had an experience with this before??? I just want to know wether or not it will heal properly after I have my lo. I am scheduled to be induced the fourth, and I am just hoping I dont get any larger at this point...any pointers would be great!!


mamagoose - January 29

Mine old piercing hole is stretched so far that the skin around it has turned purple and it's painful to touch... I actually took the belly b___ton ring out about 5 years ago, but the scar tissue is not holding up well to the stretching at all! I don't have any other stretch marks or problems, just around the piercing. I wish I knew that back when I got it! I have no idea how it will heal up afterwards, I just hope the purple fades away...


DB - January 29

I also have a purple line from the top hole to the bottom. It's so ugly. I only have stretch marks on my b___t and thighs so my tummy was still ok except for this big purple line. I would try putting a little Neosporin on it to help it heal, that's what I did when I first took it out (I took it out when I was 12 weeks).


danimarie - January 30

At what point did your piercings start getting purple? I'm 28 weeks and my belly piercing still looks really normal (I still have a pregnancy bar in too) and I am quite large already (people think I am gonna deliver mouths drop when I say I'm due the end of April). Anyway- I was just wondering when my piercing will get bad.......


mamagoose - January 30

Mine started getting pretty ugly around 33 weeks or so. It's mostly around the top hole, which is now stretched horizontally, and the purple is about the size of a dime around it. They should warn us this could happen when we got them! Haha, not that it would have made a difference to me, I was a 17 year old invincible teenager when I had it done... live and learn!


aliciavr6 - January 30

Oh boy, something to look forward to. I'm just about 21 weeks and took mine out at around 16w.


starlight_94 - January 31

I am glad to know I am not the only one... mine is also purple and stretched out since about 32 weeks. As for the bleeding it actually stopped and hasent done so since. I just hope that afterwards it is "somewhat" normal again. I dont want a huge purple ring around my bellyb___ton



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