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jenice - January 14

Ok, here's a fun question for you ladies who have had belly button (which I've always been rather fond of) is an "innie". I like it that way. But as baby grows and grows, well, my belly button has been disappearing. And it was really cute for a while! But now it's almost gone! And I'm scared to think of having an "outie". My question is...If my belly button "pops" out, will it go back???? Because it's making me rather sad... Anyone know? And is anyone else missing their belly buttons? (With all of these stretch marks, my belly button was the only cute spot on my belly....)


britt_m - January 15

Haha! You sound so innocent : ). As far as I know everyones belly bottom usually goes back as its pushed out from the uterus and that shrinks back down. My belly bottom looks a little different still, I can see it a little better. My lo is now 7 1/2 months. I'm rather fond of my belly bottom, hehe!


Cevvin - January 15

If it pops, which i thought mine would but it didn't, it will go back. My friend had twins hers popped at 6 months and went back by the time she left the delivery room ha ha.


jmejo2 - January 15

I have an innie too...mine popped out with my first and it went back in! It's popping out now and I am sure it's gonna go back in after Hayden is born.


swollenangel - January 15

I know what you mean, Jenice! My belly was my favourite too - even got it peirced (way before i got pg) cos i loved to show it off... now its totally popped and it looks gross and i cant even wear my bellyrings anymore =( its totally sad! Hope mine goes back to the way it used to be...


cayingo - January 15

Mine just got flat, not poked out with my DD, but she was born at 36 weeks, so I missed a couple of big growth weeks which may have made my bb pop out. My baby boy this time is larger, but I am only at 32 weeks and have only gotten to the flattened out stage. I do know that they go back to their original state of belly-b___ton-ness once your lo has vacated the premises. :)


ACG - January 15

Yeah, I took my belly ring out early on in this, my 1st, pregnancy. I'm 33 weeks now. My belly b___ton hasn't popped yet, but it looks like it's gonna soon! As far as I've heard, everyone's goes back in afterwards. We'll all have our cute little innies again - cute, that is, if the stretch marks don't ruin them - lol.


hjkim69 - January 15

Yes you will get your belly b___ton back! I did with my son right away after delivery. This time it popped out a lot sooner in the pregnancy. I guess since it had already been "out" once before. Don't be'll be back to normal soon and will forget what you even looked like (unless of course you have been taking pictures!). Good luck!


sarah21 - January 15

The belly b___ton definitely will go back. Luckily mine has not popped out. My baby is so low it's actually dragging down and has a stretch mark right above it. Weird, huh?


jenice - January 16

That's excellent news! Thank you ladies! I asked my mom today, and she honestly couldn't remember...but everyday my belly b___ton looks suspiciously smaller. Harder to see it , too. Grr. I liked my belly b___ton! Oh well. I guess this way, if it pops out, I won't be able to see it without the help of a mirror. And I won't be able to see all of those stretch marks that are lurking below it either! (Speaking of which, they itch. They don't tell you about that...they tell you about getting stretch marks and how they're "war wounds we women can be proud of" and yada yada...but they don't tell you how much they itch...)


jenice - January 16

Sarah21- I'm sorry...I reread my post and realized it looked as though I was saying that your stretch mark was excellent news! Oops! Not what I meant at all. Excellent news that my belly b___ton will recover. Not so excellent news about your stretch fact...I understand. I have a few suspicious spots around and above my own belly b___ton that are threatening to turn into nice bright red stretch marks!


cfuller - January 17

jenice, i hope my belly b___ton goes back too! i loved my belly b___ton before, it was just a cute little slit and i can't wait to get it back! oh yeah, and i also wish someone would have told me how bad stretch marks itch, it's awful! i want to chop my stomach off lol!


Gemini_Girl - January 17

Mine was an innie, and went so far in it was like aladdins cave, my pregnant belly has pushed it out a little but nowhere near enough for it to be an outie, so its still an innie, just a not so deep one hehe!



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