Belly Moving

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bonnie1 - June 26

Hi, at what weeks can you girls really see your belly move. i am coming up 29w and the most i see is the kick, i cant wait to be able to see the whole belly move, and dying to know when this may be expected.. thanks


Revel - June 26

my baby is always moving my whole tummy around lol it started at like 26 weeks for me though but wasnt as noticeable now at 36 weeks its so amazing like he will move the whole thing its fun to watch :) i fnd it kinda painful tho cuz he so big now taht he moves everything from bladder to tummy x.x


dee23 - June 26

im 37 wks and can never manage to catch him moving in the mirror....i havent once seen my whole belly move at once.


clare - June 26

hiya im 30 weeks and i have seen bump wiggle since about 27. it works best if im lying on my wiggles so much!! i can quite happily lay and watch my belly for ages(i once did it through an entire film lol) but my partner gets bored and as soon as he looks away it goes mad lol although he did see it last night as its getting so strong you can see it out of the corner of your eye!


mommie2be - June 26

I finally caught her at 28 weeks- they were suttle, but I caught her! Now it more definitive and frequent, I'm currently 34 wks.


Mingill - June 26

I'm 29 weeks, 3 days and my little Nugget has been shifting my tummy around for a about a week or so. It's like a little wave rolling across my belly :o) Clare, that's hillarious, my DH gets bored too and then it's like popcorn going off in my belly as soon as he looks away, baby just goes crazy! LOL Dh has finally seen the movement, but he feels it more often, he'll just rest a hand on my tummy and wait. Last night, I stuck my belly on his back in bed when Nugget started the nightly acrobatics, just so he'd feel the kicks;o)


Angiconda - June 26

I am 31 weeks and I have been able to see my stomach move for a few weeks now I think I first noticed it at 28 or 29 weeks it was kind of freaky at first but now I think its neat and DH loves to watch and feel him move


Erynn21 - June 26

I'm 30 wks and have been able to see my belly move since about wk.26, I went swimming the other day in some pretty cold water and my little girl made my stomach jump out, way out, it was awesome. I had the same experience of seeing it out of the coner of my eye, it was a little freaky. My little girl still has let no one else feel or see her do it she is just particular on when she does it, weird.


fefer1 - June 26

Mine has been moving my belly since about 25 weeks and it's stronger every day. Now I'm at 30 weeks and I can see it move out of the corner of my eye, when I rest a book on my belly or my hand...she will move them! My DH also watches for it and then she'll stop, but the second he turns away she jumps around. :) He does feel her a lot lying in bed when my belly rest near his hand or his back. It's amazing to watch one side of my stomach just pop right out!


clare - June 27

lol mingill- im gunna try that next time he annoys me ill snuggle right up2 him and he can get the poop kicked outta him 4 a change lol. i usually put the remote control from the t.v on my belly cus its funny to watch it wobble from side to side lol im easily amused :S


krc - June 27

my belly was taking on deformed shapes around 31 weeks till now ( im 35 ). It's cuTe and I am treasuring this as much as I can but the bigger he gets the more uncomfortable I get !!!! LOL Here lately I see his foot poking out my right side alot as he stretches. When I first started to notice him it seemed that whenever I was sitting down he'd put his back facing out and push outwards so that if I layed back on my bed ( not flat but propped up with pillows ) I'd have this huge lump on one side of my belly like he was trying to make his back touch the ceiling !!!! He still does it but not as much.


DeeJay - June 28

I am 29 weeks and I have just started to actually see my belly move when she kicks. The funny thing is when my cats are sitting on my lap she kicks and kicks, but when my husband comes over to see or feel, she stops!! That is helpfull to me when I want her to stop, but it makes him so upset! I think she likes the cats purring!


Karen_Fletcher - June 28

i have been seeing my belly move for about 4/5 weeks (im now 29weeks), but my little flump is right up at the front of my belly. this normally happens for me in the morning, when i wake up, i lay propped up in bed and watch my belly roll, and sometimes in the evening. take some time out and just concentrate on your belly..... hope it happens for you soon :o) im now waiting to see an elbow or a foot sticking out, LOL!!!



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