Belly Not Measuring Up Right

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kari15 - May 18

Hi everyone I'm 29 weeks preggers and really excited!!! I was wondering if your belly doesn't measure correctly (cm = how many weeks pregnant) does that mean you're going to deliver at a different time. Last week I was measured at 26.5 cm....which kind of upset me because i really wanna have my baby soon (i want her to be fully developed though)! Also when did everyone start childbirth classes and what week did everyone have their shower(s)? Sorry this is so long and so many ?s. Thanks tho for your responses!


HannahBaby - May 18

i measured small the entire time and had a small and healthy baby. She was 5lbs. Just because you are measuring small doesnt mean that you are going to go late (just like measuring big doesnt mean that you are going to go early, its all about the size of the baby) I know you want to have your baby soon but you still have 8 weeks before your baby would be fully developed and ready to enter the world. Good luck


HannahBaby - May 18

ps. I delivered before my childbirth cla__s (it started the next day) and i had my shower when i was 29 weeks because my grandparents go south for the winter and didnt want to miss the shower as well as the birth


skn331 - May 18

My shower will be at 32 weeks ( I am 29 right now) I am having a c-section at 37 weeks, so this will give me 5 weeks to get the things I need, but dont get at the shower. I feel like I should be washing clothes and sheets and everything already! I know I have SOOO much time left, but I just want this baby to be here. I took a b___stfeeding cla__s last night, it was VERY informative.


Mindi - May 18

I am almost 34 weeks now, but we started our birthing cla__ses when I was 31 weeks. I have been measuring 2 weeks bigger my past two appointments, so I am curious to know if that means I will deliver earlier than planned. I am having my baby shower in 2 weeks which will make me 9 months pregnant....hope this helps. Good luck!


DWilson924 - May 18

I am 30 weeks (today) and measuring where I should be, I think my doctor said 29 cm or something like that. Also I had my baby shower 5/13 because the schedule for me, and my families (in-laws included) is crazy this summer so they did it earlt. As for my child birth cla__ses, the hospital is offering some June 3rd and 10 so my husband and I will be attending them. I am not sure what your hospital is like but mine they only like 1 cla__s every other month so I didn't have much to choose from when i signed up.


dee23 - May 19

i am also worried about the fudal height measurement i got last week....i measured 2 weeks early.....very confused. i was born a 8p6 and dh was born a 9p so i thought that this would be a big bubs....its upsetting cause i kinda wanted atleast a 7 pounder but i guess that wont happen now? anywho sry cant help much.


Lindsey - May 19

I have measured 2cm bigger since 30 weeks, i had a scan at 36 weeks and they said everything was fine (i was worried that my baby was gonnabe big) they just said everything was normal and there was no reason to suspect that my little bump would come early.


gracie - May 19

Hi, at 29 weeks mine measured two weeks two big, so I had an ultrasound and the baby was about 4 lbs already. But my first was big so the doctor isnt concerned.



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