Belly Numbness

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1stbabyforme - November 28

Hi, I am 36 weeks along and the skin around my belly button is pretty numb. Just the skin, I can still feel little Landen moving, but the skin around the belly button is numb. was wondering if this is common or normal? This is also the area where my stretch marks are starting to form as well....


jenna32 - November 28

maybe your lo is kicking too much around your bellyb___ton, i know my baby loved to do the same thing before she dropped. i'd just try to like clean around there and she'd be kicking back.


tish212 - November 29

my skin is numb on my stomach as well...sometimes it feels like it itches but when I scratch it I can't feel myself scratching it...I also can't feel if my belly lightly bumps into things...I'm pretty sure its just cuz the skin is so stretched.... I can feel my lo move but my skin is numb... :)


Cerulean - November 29

Yep my skin is numb too. It started around my belly b___ton and as I have progressed (I'll be 40 weeks tomorrow) it has taken over more of my belly. I asked my doc and he said it is normal...just from the skin stretching. =)


margie - November 29

just starting to get stretch marks? wow...your lucky, my belly is like stretch mark city! but ya i think that i have had that before too earlier on


1stbabyforme - November 30

Tish, thats exactly how it feels! It itches, but when I itch it, I cant feel it! Frustrating, I want to scratch harder to satisfy the itching but, I know it i will have to break skin to do that lol. Also, I too bump my belly into things, I feel it but hardly. Glad to know its happening to others. margie - yup stretch marks started to appear last week or so. but it looks like its spreading fast, :( i thought i was gonna get lucky with only a few!


margie - November 30

well slather on that cocoa b___ter! i know its not exactly 100% to prevent stretch marks, but I do think it helps...mine were not that bad and then i got lazy for a while and thats when mine got crazy. oh well, they fade after the baby is here anwyays. oooh and the itching is terrible isnt it?



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