Belly Piercing And A Growing Tummy

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Rachel/ Seattle WA - October 29

Hello I am in my second trimester, 19 weeks to be exact. My tummy has grown so much already. I have a belly piercing and am wondering at what point to remove it? I've asked two seperate Drs. and have two different answers from them. I am hoping that there just has to be a third trimester mom that has had to remove their piercing or kept it in??? I want to know how long I can safely keep it in. Will it get to the point of tearing my skin? Will the holes seal up if I remove it this early? Anyone struggle with this topic and what did you do??? Thanks


Jessie V - October 29

I'm 34 weeks and took mine out @ 20 weeks. It is still open and even if it wasn't I'd just get it done agian. If you leave it in there is a risk of your body pushing it out.


Amanda - October 29

I had my belly b___ton pierced as well. I am 32 weeks pregnant now and I took mine out when I was about 16 weeks. I was going to leave mine in until someone told me that when they left theirs in it gave them a stretch mark from their belly b___ton up to their chest. I took mine out that day. I think my hole may have grown shut but I don't really care that much! But I had a friend who kept hers in the entire time she was pregnant and she just took hers out when she went into labor and put it back in the next day after she had the baby. So I think it is basically just up to you!


cindy - October 29

I'm 36 weeks and still have my piercing in I've experienced no pain from it so I'm keeping mine in until something does happen


Christina - October 29

I took my peircing out early in my pregnancy- maybe about 10 weeks. I thought it would close and I would just get another one later if I wanted to. Well, I am now more than 32 weeks and it has not closed. There is a dark line over it but other than that it's still there.


M>F - October 29

Hi! Im 28 weeks and took mine off a week ago the doctor said I should... to pevent strech marks around my belly. I know theres belly rings for pregnat ladies but I don't like the way they Im going to wait till I have my baby hopefully it won't get coverd..


Sandra - October 29

The dr told me I'll know when it's time to take it out. I'm 34 weeks and took mine out around 28-30 weeks. It just started becoming sore around that area. I still put it through once a week to make sure it doesn't close up, but can't leave it in as my bellyb___ton is starting to pop. The holes a re a little bit more pronounced in skin colour, but I have no stretch marks from it.


Lynn - October 30

I'm 36 weeks and still have mine in. I got a special, flexible piercing from I does not hurt, has not stretched and my belly b___ton has popped & it is still in. I actually had my belly b___ton gauged when it was peirced so the width of the hole is bigger than your usual piercing & it is just fine. No stretch marks, nothing. The piercing looks like a thin rubber tube with a stud earring in each end-nothing special but I asked my tattooist about taking it out & he said some people close up within hours of taking it out & some people take years to heal up.


Jen - October 30

I took mine out 4 years ago, and the hole never sealed up. It does look pretty funny right now though because I had a pretty deep belly b___ton, and now it sticks straight out and you can see both holes! I'm sure it will go back to normal after delivery, but it makes me laugh right now!


Swtpea - October 30

=o) As with jen i can see both my holes too. Kinda funny lookin', but then again I dont fashion my bare belly for people... lol. I also... from top whole to the bottom one(the one supposed to be IN the belly b___ton) have a small stretch mark. My hole is closed, so I'm not sure I'd get mine pierced again, *shrugs* who knows... we'll see when i get there again. =o)


Rachel - October 30

You have all been so helpful, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and expeirences with me!


lise - November 15

when ur belly b___ton stars to pop out the least bit


Ginny - November 16

I took mine out around 22-25 weeks because it started getting really sore, but I replaced it with 50 pound test fishing wire! I read that tip on a peircing website. It has worked great so far (I'm at 30 weeks), and I even put cute little beads on it. Good luck whatever you do!


Angela - November 17

i took mine out early - around week 8 - to avoid any unnecessary stretching of the hole


Cindy M - November 17

I'm 36 weeks and just took mine out about 2 weeks ago. It was almost like my stomach was starting to ache from it as it was trying to make more room to grow or something and I didn't want it to rip or tear.


Caroline - February 20

I'm 22 weeks with my second child, and took my piercing out a number of weeks ago. During my first pregnancy my piercing stretched terribly and looked hideous after the birth, it never healed up, and I got my only stretchmarks because of it. This time it is so stretched already it hurts, more stretchmarks stem from it, and I have an infection. Someone please tell me why my silly 21 year old self got this done in the first place!


Fatima - February 20

I took mine out when i found out i was pregnant in hope that it would close but it hasnt. A friend of mine had one and it stretched really nasty that after her birth she had this big hole all dangly and flappy. It eventually went back to normal, but that is so nasty to even picture, I didnt want to go through it.



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