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Lindsay - December 29

Im 29 weeks and my belly is almost non-existant. Most people cant even tell Im pregnant yet, is something wrong? My Dr only told me once my babys a week behind in size and I did have a growth spurt like the day after he said that so I wasnt worried, but I went to have bloodwork done yesterday and my nurse was 34 weeks and HUGE, I know I couldn't even stretch from my size to hers in 5 weeks. Everyone is starting to tell me Im so small for how far along I am. I had a really teeny waist (20 in) before I was preg, could this have something to do with it, or do I need to talk to my doctor? My baby girl seems fine, she moves constantly and I can feel her little heels, elbows and butt now when I touch my stomach. I know people's sizes very from person to person but I seem on the way extreme of the small end, even people i knew who were real small are much bigger than I am now. Im all fatigued and no one knows why, its kinda disappointing. Anyone know anything or have the same prob?


Annette - December 29

As long as your baby is fine, be thankful that you are not too big. Up until week #30 people told me my belly was small and even my doctor said that baby was probably measuring a little bit small. I am in week #33 now and had a growth spurt, I look like a cow, my belly itches like hell and I am waiting for stretch marks to appear any minute now. Don´t worry too much and wish you best of luck with your little one.


Holly - December 29

Lindsay, I have been the same way. I am 30 weeks tomorrow and very small. I also started with a very tiny waist! People don't believe me when I tell them I am 7 mo pregnant. My doc told me not to worry, the baby is fine. Have your doc measure you and make sure your on track.


Ginny - December 29

Are you tall or have a long torso? I have a very tall friend with the same issue, and the baby hasn't really "popped out" because there is still a lot of room to grow up and down. I had the opposite problem of looking HUGE from pretty early. I've only gained 25 lbs in 37 weeks, but I'm short waisted so it has grown straight out!


Lindsay - December 30

my baby is a little small dr says. Im short though, I dont get it...maybe Ill pop one day soon here


Ginny - December 30

Everybody is different. I just ran into an old friend that I used to work with, and I thought, "Is she pregnant? I'd better not ask, just in case." Because she just looked a little pooky in her tummy, and I thought she was wearing a maternity top, but she wasn't that big AT ALL. Then she brought it up, and it turned out that we are due the same week! (ANd I promise that I am HUGE) So everybody is different. If your dr. is not worried, I would not worry.


elena cyr - December 30

hi Lindsay, well i do have the same problem u c,i am almost 40 weeks and my mesurments are 34 so i had a ultrasound donne to c if the baby was growing or to c the fluid, everything was perfect with my boy and they just told me that i had a smal uterus and that i will gave birth to a smal baby boy so i am due anytime now i will late u know how big was my boy. Take care and dont worry to much u must be a pet_t women good luck.


jb - December 30

I would rather be small than HUGE like I am. When I tell people Im do in Feb they cant believe. All day I have to hear comments about how big and fat I am. As long as your baby is ok I would enjoy it. :o)


Keri - December 30

Don't worry, my pregnancy has been the same way. Now I'm 35 weeks and I'm obviously looking pregnant, but up until about 30 weeks some people couldn't tell. People would always comment on how small I looked. I knew the baby was just fine so it never bothered me. I'm measuring a bit small and the doctor said the baby would be pet_te, but nothing to worry about. Talk to your doctor about it if you're concerned. I'm sure it will put you at ease.


rl - December 30

I am 35wks and have gained 22lbs and everyone tells me that I look like I have a basket ball under my shirt but from behind I don't even look pregnant!! So enjoy being small I have seen women at my doctor that are huge and I feel so bad for them I know that even though I am not that big it is hard for me to get around now so I could only imagin if I was huge that would suck so your ok good luck


Feb mummy - January 1

I'm 34 weeks and all through my pregnancy I've been compared to other pregnant bellies, because I'm so small!! I did gain 15kg (not sure what that is in pounds) I was an average build with a long torso before pregnancy. The first time someone asked when I was due I was 30weeks, and my uterus moved under my bust from 26-27 weeks. I did kinda grow "overnight". You might have to check your Iron levels if your so fatigued.


Kate - January 1

I am on my second pregnancy and everyone tells me the same thing (and I feel so much bigger than I did with the first). I was really concerned with my first baby because my best friend was pregnant at the same time and HUGE. Needless to say, I actually had the bigger baby - 8 pounds 6 ounces. How big your belly is ... does not mean a thing. I am small to begin as well. I think if you eat healthy... your doctor isn't worried, etc.. you will be fine. best of luck.. and enjoy being small!



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