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CM - November 27

is it o.k. to take one benadryll tablet during your third trimester?


mother777 - November 27

i wouldn't, but you should ask the doctor.


cm - November 27

i took one last night thinking it was o.k. to take. do you think i hurt the baby? now i'm really worried.


Melissa - November 27

Go do a search on Benadryl and Pregnancy. It says it was tested on animals and it is safe (category B). It is safer in last trimester. BUT, you should still ask your doctor.


CM - November 27

thanks. i'm not going to take it anymore until i talk to the doctor. i just wanted to make sure that since i took one, i didn't do any harm.


j - November 27

i took it in my first, second, & third trimesters. i only take 1 50mg tablet at a time. it's totally safe. my dr. prescribed it if i can't sleep and even for my anxiety attacks (i had to fly and hate it). so, it's safe. but i would still advise you to let your dr. know that you took them.


Amber - November 27

I take it almost every day. No more than 100 mg a day though. With my allergies and lack of sleep its a godsend!


cm - November 27

is it o.k. to take with sudafed allergy? i took one this morning, but can't take it at night cause it keeps me up.


Jean - November 28

Benadryl is safe during pregnancy according to my doctor and all the literature I've read.


alicia - November 28

my doctor told me that once out of the first trimester, benadryl and sudafed were fine. You don't want to overdo them but they'r not harmful to the baby. He just told me that i couldn't take the prescription kind of allergy medicines such as claritin. good luck. my allergies were killin me this summer and even worse now as well. few more weeks to go =-)


Heather - November 28

I took it all three trimesters. I have allergies and asthma, and my Dr said reg strength benadryl was fine for you, if taken in moderation. Don't worry... you are fine.


J - November 28

I have a really bad cold and my doctor told me to ONLY take normal sudafed and tylonel. She said I should only take it if I really really need it. She said it probably wouldn't hurt the baby, but she would avoid taking anything.


JB - November 29

It's fine, and you won't hurt your baby. My doc had even suggested maybe taking one if I was having trouble sleeping at night. It all depends on how strict your doc is. I took it during my 2nd and 3rd trimesters, and I have 3 healthy children. Good luck to you.



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