Best Position For Natural Labour

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Cat24 - June 17

I have been told by several mothers that the best position for a va___al birth is to kneel down or squat! They say it prevents the chance of tearing and also helps move things along quicker with gravity helping the baby move down. Is it true that if you labour on your back you increase the risk of tearing? Just wondered what you mothers think about it!


Whitney - June 17

When I had my son I tried squatting & it just didn't help at all, after a few hours I was to tired & shaky to try squatting again & eventually had him laying on my back & I didn't tear at all. But a friend of mine delivered by squatting & she said she her daughter came out so fast that she tore in 3 directions ... she said it was awful. But every situation may be different.


ironmama - June 17

hi! i have a boy who ended up being 9lbs 2oz, and i had him mostly naturally.... i say mostly cuz i labored for 56 hours, and during that time my midwife took me to the hospital towards the end of it and i got some demerol, took a nap, and then it was natural for the rest.... and i am a flexible person, i thought squatting was the way to go, it had been recommended lots, and i can squat really well even fully pregnant, but when i was laboring, i guess cuz he was moving down, i couldnt squat.. just wasn't working for me. My midwife was awesome, encouraged me to try different positions, i tried sitting on the end of the hospital bed leaning on this bar they had... couldnt do that either, ended up birthing my boy on hands and knees, with a very small tear and that was it. And in that position, it really wasn't that bad, felt like he was meant to come out that way, and the pushing didnt take long at all. It was perfect for me~ so i would reccomend that... but i would also recommend moving around till something feels right for YOU. And YES< it has been proven laying on your back is NOT a very good birthing position. Hard for baby to get past the pelvic bone and when you push you are more likely to tear for sure.


cors1wfe - June 17

I have seen lots of mothers sitting on a yoga/exercise ball bouncing lightly I believe that totally helps because I have been doing that while watching TV in the evenings and it helps with lower back pressure and at my last appointment I was 2cm and 50% effaced I am off to my next appointment I'll post again after to see if I have dilated further....sometime rocking chairs help alot too....depends gravity helps alot Good luck!


amanda17 - June 17

By no personal experience of my own (I had an epidural and there's no way I could be in any other position except laying down) I heard on a National Geographic video that the best position during labor is standing up leaning against the hospital bed! I think it's because it makes the baby come out faster... Just a__suming due to gravity lol. Good luck!!


fefer1 - June 18

well, I went natural almost till the end - and I have to say, I don't know that any particular position can keep you from tearing. It has more to do with the pushing - and pushing at the right time. You need to push WITH the contractions and I HEAR that you're supposed to push a few times each contraction - instead of one big LONG one. They gave me an epesiotomy without my knowing it, but I also had a nearly 10 pound baby! Gravity though does help move the baby down and helps to dilate the cervix. I sat in a rocking chair for quite a while, on the front edge with my legs spread wide. The L&D nurses said that if you keep your hips open wide it helps a lot with moving the baby into position quicker. I sat totally upright on the bed with my legs spread near the end. I also sat on the edge of the bed with a footstool and legs open. Again, can't say it helped since they cut me anyways. And, the thought of standing was unbearable! I was in so much pain I didn't want to get up at all. It might have helped though - who knows. Oh yeah, the exercise/yoga b___s are supposed to be great but I didn't want to sit on one during labor. :) I have to say I gave up near the end because I got stuck at 8cm and had a huge baby!!! As soon as I got the epi they rolled me over and checked and I was at 10cm and had to push. I could still feel things! ahh..good luck Cat.


Cat24 - June 18

thank you for all your comments ladies. I will be writing my birth plan next week once i start my maternity leave and all being well i hope to be able to try the kneeling position and see whether it works for me or not. Fefer ive heard that about the pushing,that you should just pant at the final part. I start my ante natal cla__ses in July so Hubby and I will have fun learning all about it no doubt!!


tryin44 - June 20

I have had three children 100 natural (except for being induced) anyways my fourth I got an epi the last few minutes just for the hell of it. ANyways, I had them all on my back. I did some laboring on my hands an knees but I thought my back or side was the best., I did however tear with all four. I must say though my first was 10lbs 2 oz and then I had 8lbs 2 oz and the other two were both over 9 lbs. So I have big ones and I'm sure that came into play a bit. Good Luck going natural:) It is hard but soooooo worth it.



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