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Ashlie - November 7

I would have to say that now after having my 2nd little boy I found that one of the best things I bought was a wipe warmer, both my boys would scream when they would get changed, and I bought a wipe warmer and now changing diapers isnt a 3 minute scream with my boys. Any "already moms" find anything else to be short of a life saver?


Ashlie - November 7

My baby boy is due in 6 weeks, and I have to say that everyone has told me to get one of these. They say it will save your life in the middle of the night. Thanks for the advice.


Brandy - November 7

Sorry about that...the above response is from me, I accidently put Ashlie's name.


Ashlie - November 7

lol, brandy.. I was going to say that it was really wierd that someone had the exact same name as me and just happened to reply to my post.. lol


Kaeli - November 7

I wish more people would reply to this post! I would love to know those things that people discovered that they just CAN'T live without or were total lifesavers!! BTW, I added wipe warmer to my list of "things to get"!


Liana - November 7

I have a i year old and the jumparoo is a life saver, she loves it, and every mom I talk to says the same thing I am definitly saving it for my " upcoming" baby!! Also the fishers price aquarium swing when she was younger.


Kim - November 7

This was a lifesaver for my nephew when he was born last year and so my brother bought one for me. I had my son 10 days ago and have yet to use it, simply because we were so exhausted when we got home that we unpacked it. My son only cries when we change him if he is awake and hungry (we change him before feedings) but other than that he is fine. He doesn't even wake up when we change him if he's sleeping. I was debating today as to whether I should return it or not since I think that it depends on the baby. My son does not seem to be bothered by the wipes but I have been told by many that this was a great convenience for them. As far as other things to get, I really love my swing. I can put him in it anytime and he just loves to swing and listen to the music. I know that my baby bjorn will be a lifesaver as well, once he is big enough to go in it.


SaraL - November 8

Ok - anyone have one of those new hip carriers for bigger babies? I've been wondering if people like them... everytime I see them, I think, why didn't someone think of that before. We run around 9 months with extra weight in the front, why do baby carriers all have to be front carriers - when they get bigger... our shoulders fold in! Anyway, I stopped a total stranger in Sam's Club the other day who had her baby in one - a 9 month old chubby girl - she said the hip carrier is a lifesaver on her back. I think they're only about $20.


Ashlie - November 8

Liana - I agree with the jumparoo - as soon as my oldest was holding his head up on his own he loved to be in his jumping for hours, I would have to take him out to feed and he would want to go right back in it as soon as he was done, plus I think it is good for their leg muscles. also I am about to go by the fisher price swing, I already have the vibrating chair but my little one only likes to sleep in that, not too interested in it when he is awake. I think other things I used the most was my poppy - good for feeding, alot of onesies, burp rags ( I have a bunch laying all over the house, as you never know when they are gonna spit up) and having some type of seat or swing, because even though you want to hold them 24/7 sometimes you just cant. also having plenty of nuks, we were always losing them. lol


To SaraL - November 8

I bought a sling made by Dr. Searsthat can be used as a hip carrier when the baby gets older. It was only like $30 at Babiesrus & I know that I'm going to get a TON of use out of it. Its nice to have the sling because you can use it when baby is young and can't hold their head up yet.


N - November 8

My daughters swing was a life saver for me! She loved it and stayed in it alot! It calmed her so much to be in it.


Jodie - November 8

I couldnt live without a sling. My son screamed every time i put him in the pram so would have to carry him everywhere. I bought a hug a bub, its so comfy, check it out


Michelle - November 9

The think that helped me out was a bottle warmer!!! It has helped out many times!! I will have to add a wipe warmer though!! Thanks!


Jessica - November 9

I adopted my son 4 months ago at the age of 4 months. I have never used the bottle warmer or wipe warmer. My philosophy with it is that if I got him used to warm bottles and warm wipes than what would I do when I am out and don't have those things at my disposle. I am now pregnant and due Jan 8th and am not planning on using either with my son to be. All the books I have read say that room temp is fine for baby's bottle. I will say that I have the hip hammock and it is a dream to carry my 22 lb son in even at 32 weeks pregnant! My other must have is his pac and play.


Jean - November 9

A wipe warmer is probably most appreciated for babies born in the winter, when "room temperature" isn't quite as warm as it is in the middle of the summer.


BB - November 9

OK I would like to start by saying that I don't want this to turn into a big debate...but I am just wondering if anyone has or is planning to get the electronic crib moniter pad. I am trying to register for things that I really need so I am just wondering.



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