BH Lasting For 10 15 Minutes Each Abnormal

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anjapop - July 8

I've been having Braxton hicks for quite awhile now and sometimes 1 contraction will last for 10-15 minutes (my stomach will stay hard for that long). I told my Dr. this and she said she never heard that happening. Just wondering if anyone else has had that happen?


ejmeskan - July 8

Wow that seems very long to me. I have never heard of that either. My last pregnancy ( last year) I had very consistant BH's from 22 weeks on (actually considered preterm labor at 30 weeks because they turned into real contractions) but this time I haven't had them yet. That seems awfully long though!


mjvdec01 - July 8

That happens to me all the time, especially now since I am about 38 weeks. If it goes on too long I get in a hot shower and drink about 60-90ounces of water and lay down. It usually stops. The same thing happened to with my first pregnancy and everything was fine. I never mentioned it to my OB though.


anjapop - July 8

thx ...yea i thought it was a little strange as I couldn't find any other info online about it. Good to know mj has had it happen though and everything turned out fine. I wish I could lay down at work! shucks.


Tracy88 - July 8

Last year, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I experienced something kind-of similar. My Braxton Hicks would last for a few minutes, but when I went into true labor, my contractions were 2 minutes apart and lasted 20 minutes. The doctors and hospital didn't believe I was in labor because the contractions were lasting so long...they thought I was in so much pain from a kidney stone or something. Of course I knew the difference, but it took them about 36 hours to figure it out! I will say that the only time my contractions were that long was when I was apparently transitioning from BHicks to real labor. (not trying to scare you.....pregnancy is sooo different for everyone)



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