Bh Or Real Contractions

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Mzwest83 - October 28

I have been having very tight take your breath away Bh (?). Manly when I am walking. They do not hurt but like I said they take my breath away ,are very uncomfy and I have a hard time walking when this happens. I have been having NST with the doctor since last week and they say everything is fine. But that is usually after waiting in the office for about a hour or longer. So I don't get them. Is this really hard BH or the start of contractions? I thought contractions where suppose to be painful. Also girl who does my blood pressure at the office thought it could be just the baby pushing on me? I thought that sounded werid since it is all over my stomach. Is it possible to have a contraction with out pain? Oh I am 33 w and 3 days


Ashley86 - October 28

Sounds like BH. At this point I a__sume you know the difference between your baby pushing on you and a stomach tightening. I am not fond of nurses advice. They usually just make random suggestions and (no offense to nurses that may be here) a lot of times they know about as much as you or me. Your doctor is the one who you should listen to. (I can't even always guarantee that on either lol) But, I have had them since 23 wks and they are BH. My doctor did an NST and they show up as light contractions, but nothing to be alarmed about. They're not painful. Just...strange/uncomfortable. I had some more progressive ones last night and they're very different. They're like a cramp accompanies feel the tightening and some cramping. I'm not really worried about them yet though because there really wasn't back pain and they subsided within about an hour to an hour and a half. I do sometimes get worried myself though about going into labor and not realizing it lol. I never time contractions...I just kinda brush them off. I'm waiting for the bag to break...or something alarming to happen. I'm 36 wks Tuesday :) So if they do progress, then that's good with me, he'll be full term a week from Tuesday...but I hope he waits til the 22nd!


Tory1980 - October 28

It is possible to have contractions with no pain which is why they say of you are having regular tightenings - painful or painless to let the Doctor/midwife know. I have never had painful contractions until I hit about 7cms in my labours. At this stage I hope it is BH's and the fact yo don;t have them after resting means this is probably all they are. If they continued while you are resting then it signals more towards actual contractions.


Mzwest83 - October 28

thanks for responding. I have two other kids you would think I would know! But with them I was 5-6 cm when I went to the hospital with out feeling contractions. With it being early I really Don't want to be home alone and having a baby!


HeavenisMine - October 28

It seems anytime I stand up or walk around I get them, and they can take your breath away, as you get further you may notice that more. I also can get painful ones now but I still know they aren't the real deal, because they always go away and stop. Sounds just like that to me :) Also sometimes my baby sticks her b___t up really far and makes my stomach feel super tight, and I might mistake it for a loooooonnnnngggg contraction.


EMMA2 - October 29

the difference between actual contractions and bh are extremly different. if you were in real labor you would know it......its normal you will contract when u walk ..i found that bh were more of a sharp stabbing pain in my v____a and slight tightning of the stomach where as real contractions were extreme sudden tighti ng and prolonged stabbing me you would know the differnce ..



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