BH S Are Teasing Me Like CRAZY

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chrissi79 - January 28

I swear I'm getting Braxton Hicks Contractions like CRAZY lately...I get all excited because they will be on and off for a while and they can be quite intense with cramping too...but they never amount to anything!!!! :( I am due on Tuesday and am playing the waiting game now, but I swear I've had SO many and just want to meet my little baby!! I'm actually excited for real labor to start...does anyone feel like its NEVER going to happen? LOL :)


mamagoose - January 29

YES, I'm wondering if my body even knows how to go into labour and have "real" contractions... All I have is a little mild cramping in the evening, and that's it. I'm so tired of being pregnant, but this baby just seems to like its home too much!!!!


MommyMeg07 - January 29

That's how I feel too Mamagoose! I have had NO BH contractins my WHOLE pregnancy - is that a bad sign? Like, does that suggest that Baby will come late since my uterus hasn't even been "practicing" as they say?


chrissi79 - January 29

Hey ladies...mommymeg, no it doesn't mean that you will be any later than anyone else...some women don't feel their BH's...especially first time moms. Don't worry about that aspect. I get them ALL the time and they are actually really period cramps that come with a rock hard belly. I am due tomorrow so i'm just getting so frustrated and like mamagoose, i am thinking that my little darling LOVES it in there...LOL I really want her to come out...she squirms and moves soooo much too, but i'm trying to convince her that there is so much more room outside of there!! haha...good luck ladies :)


mamagoose - January 29

I'm finding the most frustrating part to be the waiting and wondering... Labour seems so mysterious! I'm mostly wondering why some moms go into labour on their own in weeks 37, 38, 39, but some of us go sailing past week 40 just as pregnant as ever, even though the baby is viable and healthy and fully developed. Why do some of us make it to week 42 or beyond and still not deliver on our own? It makes me think maybe some of us aren't sensitive to the hormones that cause labour to start, so our bodies don't get the "message"... I guess if they knew the answer to that, all of us would deliver on our due dates. I think I must be going crazy, it's been so long since I slept more than 2 consecutive hours, and I don't see that getting better any time soon, LOL!



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