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Meval - October 9

I went for my checkup today and also had a ultrasound. I was told that the baby is approx. 5lbs 11 ozs. I'm 32wks & 2 days as of today. My doc would like me to come in on Thursday for another blood glucose test. I have a family history of diabetes. Now I'm worried. Is my baby too big?? She said she's not sure until they do my blood glucose test and get another ultrasound at 36 weeks. I'm really worried..


jenna32 - October 9

i read about babies being born at like 23 lbs!! As long as the baby isn't insanely overweight i don't think there's any need to worry, they say big babies are better to have then fragile smaller ones! The only bad thing is that it will probably increase your chances of a c section.


Ashley86 - October 9

When I was 32 wks my son was 4 lbs 11 oz...the physician didn't seem overly alarmed...I wouldn't think it's too bad. Though he will probably be born at least 8 lbs...but hypochondriac better too haveus some nice size healthy babies than tiny ones right...and look on the bright if for some reason he/she will be big enough size...


Pipa - October 9

If he's big, he's big and like the other two ladies said, there are worse things for sure that could happen than having a sturdy baby. But, you DO need to know if you Gestational Diabetes b/c it's hard on you and the baby. Also, the baby's blood sugar can be thrown off and be a problem when he's born if he's been getting too much glucose due to your body not breaking it down. I have gd so even though my baby isn't measuring big, there are still things to worry about. They are inducing me b/c of these factors. Does your family have a history of big babies? Sometimes it's just genetics! I've heard the best predictor of how big your baby will be is looking at your and the father's birth weights?


Meval - October 10

I can't keep from worrying. My previous glucose test came back normal. All my checkups have been great. My doctor told me that after the next ultrasound, when they get a more accurate image, that she would discuss with me the possiblity of c-section and or induction. When I had my daughter 8 yrs. ago, I gained so much weight!! She was born at 6lbs 5 1/2ozs. Tiny baby. Now with this one I have gained only 1-1 1/2lbs a month. The only reason I feel different this time is because prepregnancy I was chubby. I have been active, exercising and watching what I eat. My sister-in-law's youngest daughter was born at 11lbs 3ozs!! She has not history or developed diabetes. She was just born very big. I don't know what to think. I can't help getting very worried..=/


January - October 10

at 32wks my baby measured just one ounce shy of 4lbs.. sounds like you've got a big healthy baby on your hands. While you may not get much usage out of your newborn/0-3mo. clothes, if the baby is healthy, that's what counts.


January - October 10

Also, keep in mind, u/s can be off a pound either way. It's not definite.


kaitlin - October 10

My sister in law was told my neice would be a big baby and she was born 6 pounds, 14 ounces. So, u/s is not always accurate. On the other hand, at about 33 weeks, my u/s showed that my baby was measuring large (and I had had no problems up until then with my pregnancy, nor was I measuring big until that point). From that point on, I continued to measure 2 weeks ahead. As it turned out, my baby was breech so I had a c-section at 38.5 weeks, which was great, because he was born 9.5 lbs!! If I had gone to term or beyond, he would have been ma__sive. There was absolutely nothing wrong with him, in fact, he was completely healthy and easier to care for than my niece, who was teeny when she was born. Bigger babies are much easier to hold and care for. Don't worry about it. The only negative, of course, is if there is GD, which you will know shortly. If not, then just be happy with your healthy baby. I have to say, though, we never used the newborn outfits on my ds at all (the 7-10 lbs ones). He went straight to the 0-3 months stuff, which was kind of sad, but I guess maybe this baby will get to use them.


foxxy mommy - October 10

hey mevel, i have gd and im so scared of having a huge baby too. my first was 4 lbs. so im like ahhhh anything is gonna be bigger than her! but after reading the posts on this thread, it makes me feel better, a healthy baby is better than anything! two things that COULD factor in the babys health are stress and gd. streesing too much will cause your bp to spike, so try to relax. i know its hard cause im finding a hard time doing it myself and im worried about the EXACT same thing you are! you have a month to go until you get tested for it, something that could help you out is to already start watching your sugar intake, just in case you do have gd. it is possible to develop it later in preganancy. watching your sugars will also help ease your mind so you wont be so stresses and worried abou it. my diet is like this: obviously NO sugar(cakes, ice cream, sweet tea ect..) i eat every two hours. breakfast lunch and dinner consist of two starches a protien and veggie and 8 oz milk. then i have 3 snacks, 1 in between each meal the last one being before i go to bed. the snacks are a fruit and a starch. its pretty easy and youll notice right away how much healthier you feel. but if you dont want to go that far, the least you could do is throw things out of your diet that are obviously high in sugar. youll feel better knowing that your doing something to prevent a humongous baby! maybe that will help you stop worring! any other ?'s about the diet, just ask! good luck sweeite, and try not to stress and worry to muck, k? xoxo -christy



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