Big Baby Or Small Baby

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ILOVEMYBABY - January 23

Well I have gained 30 pounds during my pregnancy. I am due on the 29th of January, so I'm expecting not to gain too much more but I am afraid I'm going to have a big baby now because many people said that the more you gain, the bigger the baby. I would like to think this isn't true... so I have a question for all you ladies. How much did you gain during your pregnancies, and how much did you baby weigh? Thanks!


ShaunaLeigh - January 23

OMGG, that's not the case at all... I gained 24 pounds when i was pregnant with my first boy who was 6'4... then with my second i gained 52... YES 52... i was 110 before i got preggie, was 162 when i had him... & he was only 7'2... so he was most defiantly NOT big... & he was born right on his due date. & this time, im 34 weeks & im due on march 5th & ive gained 23 pounds so far. maybe for some that's how it works but not for me anyways! Good luck tho!


sahmof3 - January 23

Haha! And it can go the other way as well. I lost weight for my entire pregnancies. At 9 months I was 20 lbs. lighter than pre-preg. My babies weights? 9 lbs. 5 oz., 8 lbs. 3 oz. and 10 lbs. 6 oz.!!! LOL I don't think weight gain (or lack of lol) indicates your baby's size. Happy delivery to you!


sahmof3 - January 23

...had another thought... my sis was the opposite. She gained about 50 lbs. with each of her pregnancies and her babies were 7 lbs. 7 oz. and 6 lbs. 12 oz. ;-)


chriss - January 23

my sister gained 70 lbs, yes that is 70 lbs during her pregnancy and her little girl was just over 8 lbs. I've gained 22 or so and feel that I have a ten pounder in there somewhere LOL!! I don't think how much weight you gain is directly related to the size of the baby at birth.


chrissi79 - January 23

Yeah, don't buy into that one...not true. I have so far gained about 42lbs and am due in a week, I'm hoping not to gain any more whatsoever, but its b/c I'm just getting more and more uncomfortable each doc said that I'll more than likely deliver a 6-7lb baby, based on what I weighed as a baby and my baby's measurments at my checkup of 37wks. However, no one knows how much your baby will weigh - they can only guess based on those kinds of criteria. Even ultrasounds aren't perfect at measuring weight.


nanders - January 23

my freind gained 50lbs with her first he was 7'8, and only 25 with her second he was 9'13!!! So I think it varies and no one knows for sure! I've gained about 7-10lbs so far 26wks and doc said the baby could be big as I'm measuring 2wks ahead in fundal height. So who knows! But congrats and good luck!


Tammy276 - January 23

it really doesn't matter how much weight you gain....I gained almost 70 (I know right) with my son, and he was a week early and weighed 7lbs1oz...this time around I am 30w and have only gained 25lbs so far, so we'll see how much this baby weighs.


MB - January 23

I gained 20Ilb with my 1st and he was 8 lb 4oz, with this one i have gained 12 lb and i feel he is bigger, but in 4 weeks we will find out. Old wives tales are best ignored !!!



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