Big Mistake

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abc0825 - June 26

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant. I had a major tradgedy hapen to me & my family over the weekend. I had 2 glasses of wine on an empty stomach to calm down. I have not drank anything besides this while pregnant and do not plan to again. I am so upset and can't stop feeling guilty. Do you think I did any damage to my baby?


livdea - June 26

honestly, I think you are fine. I wont start debating cause it's going to happen but you and baby are fine.


Erynn21 - June 26

Your baby is fully formed and all should be fine, my advice may be controversial, but I think your baby will be okay. The third tri is the finishing time, the baby is packing on weight and the lungs are getting developed. All of the major systems are in check and ready to go, with expception to the lungs. I just would not do it again. Hope this helps.


sophandbob - June 26

Adive on this is going to be mixed. drinking in moderation is accepted as ok by some drs, although you are advised to stop completely. 2 gla__ses should not have harmed the baby in anyway. Don't feel guilty about it, put it into persepctive. Think of all the women who have drank though their first few months when they did not realise they were pregnant.


sfrias - June 26

Do not feel guilty... Nothing happens. In some countries women drink (1 gla__s of wine or beer) while they are pregnant. Nothing happens. Alcohol can cause more damage during the first trimester. I mean heavy drinking. An occasional drink is fine. Do not worry about that... if drinking two gla__ses of wine would cause permanent damage, more than 50% of the population would have problems.


Deb - June 28

I are fine. People have had more than two drinks during their pregnancies and their babies turned out to be fine. What's done is done, and you can't beat yourself up about it. What you need to do now is to let this guilt go and focus on coping with the tragedy that has happened. I hope you can find some peace with your family.


Karen_Fletcher - June 28

Hi, dont feel guilty, many docs say that a woman can have 1 or 2 gla__ses of wine a week, you havent done it on a regular basis so you should be ok, if you are concerned speak to your midwife..... just take care :o)



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