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Mal - November 17

Hi ladies! I am 34 weeks and have a silly question. I haven't had too hard a time during my pregnancy with swelling ( a little in my hands). But I think my nose has gotten huge! It wasn't big to start with, but it seems like it has widened or something, and constantly red, like Rudolph....LOL. Just in time for Christmas! I've always had bad allergies, but it's never swelled up before. Not until I got pregnant. My husband says it isn't, but I know my nose! Am I just seeing things? Has anyone else experienced this and will it go away after the baby? Thanks for your input! Good luck everyone with your pregnancies!


Jen - November 17

Are you having a girl? I have heard an old wives tale that when you have a girl that your nose swells up pretty bad. My best friend had a girl and this happened to her- it went right away after delivery, though so don't worry!


Mal - November 17

Nope, having a boy :) Glad to hear it goes away though! Thanks!


Bree - November 18

YOU ARE N-O-T ALONE! My nose is huge as well. I'm having a boy, too. Mine looks like it has spread. I could tell it in pictures several months ago. It's so unattractive. It better go away! LOL


Wanda - November 18

I feel your pain!!!!! My nose seems to take up half of my face!!! I can't stand to look in the mirror.It's soooo big..:( Im 33 wks and also having a boy. Good luck to all!!!!


jennifer - November 18

I've noticed the same thing about my nose! How strange. I'm also having a boy. Good to know it will go away. My nose has always been one of the things I liked about myself. As women we tend to be so self-critical, I didn't want to lose one of the "good" things. Maybe it has something to do with swollen nasal pa__sages or something. I have had a lot of stuffiness throughout my pregnancy.


crystal - November 18

I am 33 weeks and my nose has gotten huge too in pictures I look horrible. I hope it goes away


Tati - November 18

You ladies are so funny. Talking about how big your noses are. I just wanted to say that when I was pregnant with my girls I hated my nose I thought that, that is the only place on my body that gained the most weight. LOL. But now I am almost 35 weeks with a boy and so far no nose expansion yet. Although it goes away right after birth we have to put up with it for weeks.


Mal - November 18

Thanks ladies for your responses! My nose has hope! Yay! I always liked my nose too, that's why it aggrivates me so bad now!


bump - November 22



A - November 23

This is something that actually has happened to all of my aunts and now me. It kind of like widens. But yes it does go away-this is my second child and I am 31 weeks and just started noticing it a few weeks ago and it comes and goes.



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