Bigger Measurements Early Labor

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jenna32 - October 4

Does measuring big mean that you will go into labor earlier? i am supposed to be 32 weeks ( according to last period which i was so sure of but i did spot the first couple days of it which i was sure was just because i had a yeast infection at the time) but my doctor said the ultrasound at 19 w measured 2 weeks ahead. So I measure 34 weeks and says the baby feels like it to when she does the measurements and feeling junk. i don't even think i look THAT big to think i am further along or have a big baby yet! Has anyone measured big and went into labor earlier?


DaBonkElsMe - October 4

I don't think there is any corrolation between the two. My SIL was absolutely HUGE before giving birth and she went 4 days late! If the baby measures big, it might mean you were off with your dates to begin with and it could appear that you're going early because of that.


Tink - October 4

i agree, no coorelation between measuring big and delivering early, which is why they don't change your due date. i am pretty sure my baby is big and i have measured ahead the whole pregnancy and we knew my date for sure, since our baby was conceived in the lab via IVF. today at the 35w appt was the first time i measured dead on. so whle i measured ahead the whole time, now i am measuring exactly in the last few weeks. so i really don't think it relates at all. the baby will come when he/she is ready. you could have extra fluid or something else making you measure bigger too. good luck


Tory1980 - October 4

Measuring big means nothing. As for the scan at 19weeks it isn't an accurate measurement of the growth of baby. After 13/14weeks all babies grow at vastly different rates - it could have been at that time yours had hit a growth spurt and so measured slightly bigger. Plus most scan machines will give the estimates based on +/- 10days so don't worry too much. With my second pregnancy I was as big as a house - I seriously didn;t think my skin could stretch that far and he came on his due date!! Good luck!



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