Bikini Wax 37 Weeks

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Counting Down - January 15

Is it okay to have a bikini wax at 37 wks? Anyone done this at this stage of pregnancy?


Annette - January 15

My congratulations if you can find your bikini area :))))


anita - January 16

i don't see why it would be a problem.


Jessica NY - January 16

I was worried about it too but apparently it is all ok to do! By the way, I totally agree with Annette, I have trouble seeing mine even with a little mirror, I tried to see how bad the damage actually is before I go get waxed - I ended up feeling quite squashed in the middle and most frustrated!


Ginny - January 16

I read an article the other day that said some women actually stop to get one on the way to the hospital for delivery! I can't think of any reason why not, if you're up to it.


JennyC - January 16

how funny! good for you if you go through with it. I can't imagine what could be wrong with it, unless there are lots of fumes in the air. I shaved my legs last night and had so much trouble when it got higher on my thighs! I got to wondering - does everyone really keep their legs smooth toward the end or pregnancy, or do you think there's lots of hairy-legged women in labor? I mean, unless you stopped for a wax on the way to the hospital like Ginny said, you would have to keep them smooth all the time because you never know when you're gonna go. And if you're anything like me, these prenatal vitamins sure make it hard to stay smooth very long. OK, I must be really bored to write all this! good luck with the wax


Kel - January 16

Ha Ha JennyC - I swear I was just thinking that this morning. I was shaving my legs which is getting really hard these day and I was like what if I go into labor and my legs aren't shaved, I would be so embarra__sed, but I guess they wouldn't even know. But still I was just thinking about how I hope I have some time when my water breaks to quick run to the shower if need be!!


Counting Down - January 17

Thanks for the input everyone. I definitely cannot find my bikini area!!! lol I am going to a salon tomorrow, getting the works done. I feel so gross. I'm hoping a manicure, pedicure and waxing will help me feel a little better. I feel sorry for whoever gets stuck doing the I think my biggest concern is that the baby has already dropped and I wasn't sure how high it would be okay to wax. But hopefully it'll be fine, probably just going to be extra sensitive...ouch!


climbergirl - January 17

I've been getting a brazillian every 4 weeks for over 4 years and I am 37 weeks pregnant and haven't skipped a beat. I have my final wax before delivery next week and I'll be 38 weeks then. it is no big deal. if anything it is a bit easier because the skin is already pulled so tight that the hair comes out nicely.


ra - January 17

if you want to shave, i find it easy to sit in the tub and get my legs done. I usually do this right after i shower with a little water in the tub. legs open a little to the side so you can see! good luck ladies



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