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Melissa30 - February 1

This is a question I have not seen posted anywhere in this forum yet, but I imagine I am not the only girl wondering and I know this is probably the furthest thing from your minds right now, but have any of you thought about what type of birth control you are going to get when you deliver? I'm trying to figure out what is the safest and most effective out there today. I have been on Birth Control Pills and that was ok, I just didn't like having to remember to take it every day. I have also been on Depo and that I would not recommend to my worst enemy. That shot is HORRIBLE and in my opinion should be outlawed. Can anyone tell me the pros and cons of the IUD, Nuvaring, and Norplant? I also would like to know how long they last. For example I know that the Norplant lasts for five years.


mamagoose - February 1

I was on the pill before I went off it when dh and I were TTC, but I plan on trying an IUD after the baby because I don't want to take any medication while b___stfeeding. The biggest downside of the IUD is that it's not 100%. My mom was b___stfeeding AND had an IUD after my sister was born, but my brother is living proof that those techniques aren't foolproof!! I think an IUD lasts quite a few years, but it doesn't have some of the benefits of the pill (like shorter, lighter periods, skin clearing up, etc). I don't know very much about Nuvaring or Norplant.


chriss - February 1

I have also been thinking about this one. I was on the pill and went off when dh and I TTC, I can't take the pill after because I too want to b___stfeed, so then my options are very limitted. I plan on discussing this with my Dr at some point close to delivery, although isn't there like 4-6 wks where you won't be able to have s_x afterwards?


mary b - February 1

You can't take the pill if you are b___stfeeding??


Melissa30 - February 1

maryb I just Googled Birth Control pills and b___stfeeding. The first link states that while BCP's can decrease your milk supply there is no proof that it can harm your baby.


mary b - February 1

Thank you Melissa....i'll have to be sure to check w/ doc...i prefer the pill to most other seems to work the best w/ my body...yet i really want to's very important to me..


MB - February 1

Hi, I had the IUD in after my son and had it in for 4 years without a problem, it was ha__sle free and i never had heavy periods, maybe just 1 day, but after that i was regular as i was before. I am going to get it put back in when i have had my second son. You can have the IUd in for 5-10 years. Good luck with your decision.


Steph - February 1

I have the IUD as well....I had it put in when my son was 2 months old and I love it! It's good for 10 years and it's sooo nice to not have to remember to take a pill everyday. I do get heavier periods, but I'll deal with that anyday over taking the pill and all the issues I have with it! :o)


Tammy276 - February 1

you can b___stfeed and be on the pill, there is just a certain pill that your doctor will give you.... I was on it when I BF my son and plan to go on it again when I am BF'ing my little girl......then after you are done BF, they will switch you back to a normal pill.



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