Birth Control After Baby

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val_jo - February 26

My dr has told me to start looking into birth control options I may be interested in so she can get me the info on whatever I want to know about. I had been on the pill (ortho cyclen) for about 6 years before ttc and got pregnant the first month after going off it. I'm just afraid with the baby, I may not be as good about remembering to take it. I was thinking about Mirena, but we'd like to try for another in a year or 2---so would it be worth it? Just curious on what everyone else is looking into or planning on using.


mahagen - February 26

Hi Val, I have studied and studied about the Mirena vs ParaGard and I have decided to get the MIrena. Alot of people are scared because it has hormones but it doesn't release a big amount at all. I am on my 4th child and am pretty sure we are done but we can not say 100%. We might want another in 2-5 years and if not by then, we will for sure be done. My doctor also told me that alot of women are getting the Mirena vs the ParaGard. I was on the pill for 10 years before I got off of it and had a baby and after I had my dd it was hard to remember taking the pill which was the Ortho-Tri Cyclin. Hope that helps give you and idea. The great thing about the Mirena is it is just and office visit to get it done and its another office visit to get it taken out. I have heard that women who had been on it also got pregnant right away and some it took almost a year. Everyone's body is different. GL luck on your decision.


sarah21 - February 26

There is a thread somewhere on this site-- can't remember which board-- and there are a ton of people getting pregnant on both types of IUD. Just something to think about. I am going on progesterone-only pills since I am planning on b___stfeeding. And IUD's go against my personal beliefs since they don't always prevent ovulation and eggs get fertilized and just don't implant. But that's just my personal belief, so please don't jump on me.


Astra - February 26

Hi guys, I wish I could consider any of these options. Any type of pill has always made my body kind of crazy...back to condoms for me and hubby.


treshala - February 26

i know me and b/f are not going to use its back to the pill for me. I was on Orthr-Tri Cyclin Low dose for a few years then i switched to the Depo-provera (i think) birth control shot. I have to say i enjoyed that the most BUT i suffered TOO many of the Hair falling out, leg pains, very very moody/depressed...and it took me a year to get pregnant after the shot...but i didnt have a period which was good...OH and i gained like...15-20 lbs in 6 months. So the shot wasnt good for me but some women like it. I think im going to try the Yaz birth control pill. I think im scared to have something inserted in me for b/c purposes...i need to look up some more info about it


Gemini_Girl - February 26

Hey its something ive been thinking about too - but not came to a decision yet, before falling pregnant I was on the combi pill for about 10 years but with the new baby Im worried I may forget to take it, condoms arent the most reliable ...the jag/shot is supposed to have loads of side effects like weight gain and since Im already a bit overweight id rather not but at the same time I dont want something too permanent as we were maybe wanting another in a few years time - I think it will probably just be the pill again for me!



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