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mindymay - June 18

i was wondering if anyone has done research on which birth control they will use after their bundle of joy comes along. I am looking into mirena, but am not fully convinced. could use some help.....


Steph - June 18

I'm going to get the Paraguard IUD again. It's the copper one that is good for ten b/c that I have ever been on! :o)


kimc - June 18

I think we will use condoms for the first 8 weeks and then there are birth control pills that you can safely take while b___stfeeding. I'll go back on those.


mindymay - June 18

thanks guys. any weird side effects on either?


Tanya2 - June 18

You should go on any form of birthcontrol, don't take any chances. I was exclusively b___stfeeding and got pregnant and we did it only once after 7 weeks delivery. I got pregnant again, now I'll be having 2 babies within one year. My kids will be 11 months apart. I am now used to the whole idea of having another baby and am actually glad, we had a girl last year and now having a boy. So I am grateful and hopefully this is it, no more kids. What are IUD's? Could you please explain? Also before my two kids, I was on depo provera, the injection, I gained a lot of weight, do u gain weight with the IUDs? How effective are they and how safe? Thanks for your adivce and input.


Trinity102203 - June 18

I am pretty good at taking the pill and will take that right after the bleeding slows down after birth so that I will be ready for when my "six week" healing period is over, if you know what i mean :)


mindymay - June 18

well the iud is s t shaped device that they put into your uterus. the mirena brand only brings in progesterone so its not as troublesome as the pill can be since there is no estrogen. it is 99.99% efffective. and lasts 5 years, the paraguard works for 10 years. and made of copper, where mirena is more plastic. they lessen and even most of the time stop your period. there isnt much if at all weight gain with the iud. your doc does it at the clinic.


Mingill - June 18

Tanya2, an IUD is an inter-uterine device. Basically it's a small device usually made of copper (in Canada) and plastic inserted into the uterus by your doctor. An IUD can be left in place for up to 5 years. I'm not sure how they work, but I've heard they prevent the egg from attaching to the uterine wall. Anyway, they are 95 -97% effective. But I have a friend whose brother was born with the IUD slightly embedded in his head (obviously one of the 5 - 3% to slip through).



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