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majalis - July 31

Hello there moms, I am new to this forum but have read it a long time! I am pregnant with # 3, due in Feb. I have been reading with much curiosity the discussions about hospital and home births, so I wanted to just do an informal "poll." I do NOT want to start any pro or con arguments--so please post those elsewhere--, I just want to see the info that can be gathered here. My question just is for those who had a hospital birth did you HAVE ANY KIND OF INTERVENTION, be it picotin--or any other drug, epidural, vacuum, etc? Thanks for participating!


majalis - July 31

Okay I am first to answer: My first 2 were in hospital, both with epidurals. I am undecided where to have # 3.


Justine1 - July 31

I have had two hospital births - first was induced as baby was small for dates and waters broken and no labour started within 72(roughly) hours at 37 weeks. I chose not to have an epidural at the start (2.9 days!) but then had one for the last half hour. Had I know it would be half an hour I wouldn't have done the epidural. Baby vacuumed out with 1 or 2 pushes (only 5lbs 5oz) - born very healthy. Had had complications all pregnancy from day 1 - IVF baby (male infertility) and 10 times bleeding heavily/threatened miscarriages! Second baby (natural baby) I had as a hospital water birth with no drugs - I had nothing at all until 5cm then had gas and air. 5 hour labour - much easier than first baby. No complications in pregnancy. Born at 39 weeks weighing 8lbs. So its 50-50 for me!


schreck - July 31

I only had a shot of nubane. I asked for it because I had been up for a long time and want to try and get a little sleep before I had to start pushing. I had a midwife and absolutely loved it. I didn't have an IV and I wasn't on monitors hardly at all! With my next one (ttc) I would like to try to go with out any pain meds. I should tell you I had gone in to be induced ( I was 41 w 1 d). I was already having contraction. When she checked me she stripped my membranes and the contractions went to a min. apart so she decided I didn't need pitocin.


LeslieM - July 31

first one went in to labor on due date. dialated all 10cm in one and a half hours. first contraction was 5 minutes long. knew i wanted epi before even went in to labor. labor progressed way too fast, stressed baby and heartrate dropped. was given medicine to slow down labor. epi started to wear of and was allowed to push. hoped to get baby down as he never dropped and was stuck at -2 station. 2and a half hrs later, no progress, baby stressed again and was face up. had c so stuck they had to push him up through my v____a to get him out. wasnt breathing and gray. ended up being perfect, but a very scary start. glad to have been at hospital.


E586467 - July 31

With my first I went into labour exactly 1wk late. When I got to the hospital I was 3cm & after an hour of not dilating they stretched my cervix to 4cm (the pain was horrible) so I tried the gas. After being in labour for 6hrs I had a shot of pethidine (which unfortunately slowed everything down). When I was 10hrs into it & still only at 4cm they broke my waters & hooked me up to monitors as there was mecconium in the water & this was hell as the pain meds had worn off. 2.5hrs later dd was born, with 45mins pushing weighing 7lb 9oz. Total labour 12.5hrs. With #2 I went into labour 5days over & had a completely natural drug free water birth in a birth centre, with just a midwife & my support people. There were no interventions at all during the birth & I gave birth to a very healthy 9lb 3oz boy. Total labour was 8hrs with 25mins pushing. I am 17wks preg with #3 & plan on having another natural birth, because for me it was a much nicer experience 2nd time around, as I was not forced to labour in bed or push him out lying down. I am contemplating a home birth this time around as I was not able to get into the birth centre due to limited spaces, but as the cost of hiring a midwife is costly, I may be forced to birth in a hospital again :(



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