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Gena - January 21

I hope everyone is doing well in their last stretch of pregnancy! I was due January 6th and induced Monday January 8th. They started cervadil at 8pm and when then checked me at 5 am I was still 2 cm as I was when I came in. They started pitocin at 5 and my contractions immediately started. I continuted to contract at about 1 minute apart and couldn't have any pain medication b/c I still hadn't dilated. It was the worst pain of my life and I think it made it worse b/c it wasn't making any progress. At 1pm my Dr. came in and checked me and I was still 2 cm. They decided that my induction had failed and they would start again that night or I could go home. Well I was not about to go home w/o my baby! I continued to have contractions on my own all night but not as close together or severe as with the pitocin. They started cervadil again at 8pm, I had hard contractions all night. At 5 am they started pitocin and checked me and I was 4 cm. I got my epidural at 7:30 and didn't feel anything from there on out. I started pushing at 12 pm and Ella Rae was born at 12:56 pm. She was 7 lb 5 oz. 19.5 inches long. I only had to have one st_tch from tearing. The 2 days afterwards were a little rough but after that everything went pretty well. She's a wonderful baby and we have to wake her up sometimes just to feed her. We are truly blessed and my husband's words were, that was much easier than I thought, how about you take a year off from pregnancy and we'll try again in a year! I'm glad it was easy for him!! Good luck to all you ladies.


Gena - January 25

Love- - - I'm bumping this so you can hopefully read this since you asked about her birth.


sahmof3 - January 25

Congrats on your new daughter. Wow... I'm so glad it was so easy for your dh LOL.


tritty - January 26

LOL! men are too funny. sometimes they just don't get it, you know?!? congrats on your little one! how exciting that you finally have her here. i'm being induced on wed. i hope that i don't have to go home, etc...... i guess we'll find out in a few days!


Gena - January 26

Thanks to both of you! Tritty how far along are yoU?? Good luck and I will hope that everything goes smoothly the FIRST day for you :) Are you having a boy or a girl?


Lala - January 26

CONGATS!!! sounds like you really 'hung on' through the trials and made it through with success!


juju - January 26

congrads, im being induced on monday man am i nervous, im already dilated and thinned 2cm 80 %


Gena - January 27

Thanks lala! Juju, I was also 2 cm and 90% when I went in but I guess she just wasn't ready. I had heard of inductions failing but most of the stories I had heard weren't people overdue. I wish you the best of luck. Your little one is probably ready to burst of out there!!


disneymommy79 - January 31

Congrads !!!!!!!



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