Birth Story Turned Pnemonia

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breezieb - February 23

Well on feb 16th I went in for my scheduled c-section. The actual surgery went great! After the surgey I wasn't putting out any urine in my cathadire. After 5 hrs of switching out cath's and positions I finally started putting out urine. about an hour after that I started contracting really hard(on a fresh c-sec.....this really hurts!!lol) Up to ths point I had not bled on drop on to my pad. After about two hours of contractions they stopped and I started to bleed. All is fine at this point. Baby Matthew was 9lbs. 1oz and 20in. I started to feel like my chest was really tight and closing up. I also completly lost my voice and was coughing up green stuff. I told my doctor that I felt as though I had bronchitis or pnemonia. She said no it is just from the c-section. I told her ths was my third c-section and I have never expeirenced this from it. She blew it off. By the next morning I knew something was really wrong and called my doctor in and told her I wanted a chest xray and breathing treatment. I asked if I could also have IV antibiotics so I dont go home like this with a newborn. She completly acted dismissive and said she would write me some antibiotics. I could tell she was just doing that even to pasify me. My voice was gone and I felt horrible so I didn't push and let it go. A couple hours later I called the nurse and asked if my antibiotics came yet and she said no that I have a perscription to fill when I leave. I told her I need to get it in my system now and asked her to call my doc. She was like it is probably just from the surgery and that is how the doc wrote it so just get some rest and you will feel better. At this point I wa so emoional and mad and in pain I started cursing her for treatingme like an idiot. I then called my doctors office and asked to speak to my doc and they took a message as the doc was with someone. I get a call back from my docs nurse, I tell her I need antibiotics, she says you have k flex to go home with that is antibiotics. I said no shit!!! I need something here and now and I want to talk to my doc ASAP!! Well I could not reach the doc and it was time for discharge. I told the nurse discharging me as I broke down crying that I just want a damn breathing treatment and some meds in my system so that I dont go homelike this with my baby(it was hard to even fight with them since I could barley speak). She called my doc again and finally they ok'd my breathing treatment and they gave me ONE CAPSULE of the antibiotic. I was like whatever I will take what I can get I just want to go home! The next day at home I called the oncall doc for my obgyn and told them how I was feeling and he said there was nothing he could do for a sore throat. I felt like I was in the twilight zone!!! After 1 day home with my baby I had to go to the emergency room. I went to a diffrent hospital in hopes of better treatment. After 20 min of being there they x rayed me, took blood, did ekg, did an in and out cath, etc. Well the ER doc comes in and said both my lungs were severly infultrated with pnemonia and since this was hospital aquired pnemunia it was even more dangerous. They immedialy addimitted me and started rotating three diffrent antibiotics thru IV. My blood count was real low and they said they were looking at doing a blood transfusion. Thankfully my next three blood counts were stable and I ended up not needing the transfusion. At this point I cant stop crying!!! I was in so much pain and the coughing with c-sec wasn't feelin to great either. All I couldthink about was my 5 day old baby at home and I stuck in some damn hospital because my dumb ass doctor wouldnt even give me the benefit of the doubt to do a damn xray to see if what I was saying was true. A mother should NEVER be seperted from her newborn!! My heart was in shambles!! MY WONDERFUL husband took on the newborn and our 3 year old by his self!! I have to say I think knowing my baby was safe with Dh was the only ting that keep me from going off the deepend!! My hormones were falling rapidly on top of this and I felt like I was losing my mind!!! Thankfully i returned home last night and I have barley put the baby down lol!! I am going to file a complaint against that damn doctor!!!! My point for telling this story is had I been a first time mom who might have beleaved when the doctor KEPT saying this is from the c-section I might have not gone to the ER. I could have fel out at home with my newborn and other 2 small kids and there is no telling what could of happend!! Always trust your gut!! If you feel like something is wrong do not stop pushing because you have a shitty doctor!! I actually liked my doctor very much before this! I am just so upset about the way it all went down!!! Now I am going to go enjoy being with my kids!!!!!!


clindholm - February 23

Congrats on the birth of your lo! What a terrible experience for you. I'm glad you and your family are doing better. You are absolutely right, we must always listen to our intuition. Good luck with your new baby!


FlyBear - February 23

Breezie, I believe we had our babies at the same hospital and I'm considering getting a lawyer to sue them for the cost of my bills because of all of my complications. I'm seriously traumatized after everything. We wanted a big family and the plan for us was for me to be a stay at home mom and have another child soon after our precious lil boy was born... the plan now is to not have anymore. I'm too scared. I was actually scared at one point of what would happen if I died cause my fevers and infection were so out of control. My fevers were reaching almost 104 on a daily basis. Not only is this one of the most painful things I've ever experienced, I don't know what your experience was with the nurses and all, but they treated me like I was nothing but a whining annoying baby and that REALLY p__sed me off. I was too scared to even go back there when I had to go BACK in the hospital. I went to Ochsner.


FlyBear - February 23

Oh I read more carefully... I see now you said you're home. I just got home last night too. I feel really lucky though cause I was able to be with my baby the whole time. Like you, I feel really lucky cause I did my homework and know my stuff and my body and fought for all I could while I was there. Didn't do much but I can't imagine how bad it could have been otherwise.



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