Birth Story Of Nicholas Water Birth And Pics

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Justine1 - January 16

Hi everyone. I gave birth to Nicholas on 5 January 2007 at 39 weeks 1 day. On the night of 3rd January I had contractions which stopped as soon as I went to hospital - typical! I was 0cm dilated (so thought birth was a long way off) but the baby's head could be felt through the cervix. At 6.20am on 5 January my waters broke. I went to hospital where it was confirmed my waters had gone and I was given 48 hours to go naturally or be induced. I was told there was a 95% chance of going naturally but my first child my waters went at 36w4d and I had no contractions and was induced 48 hours later. So I half expected to be induced again. About 1pm I started getting contractions but nothing major then they became every 5 mins lasting for 1 minute each but bearable in terms of pain. I called the hospital at 1.30pm because I knew it would take us 45 mins to get there. As soon as my DH got home the contractions were getting painful, taking your breath away a bit. Got to hospital at 2.15pm and after an hour or so midwife told me I could have contractions like that for 3 days!! Thanks midwife. I told them I wanted a water birth which they agreed to but said that you can't go in until 5cm dilated. At 5pm I was in agony (no pain relief) but thankfully was now 5cm dilated so could go in pool and finally get gas and air. The last hour was very painful (partly as I didn't realise I should be pushing - the midwife kept asking me if I felt the need to push and I kept saying no then she asked me to see if I could feel the babies head and it was 1 finger away from being out of me!!) but it was a relatively short labour - I gave birth at 7.33pm. Baby Nicholas was born very content and weighing 8lbs, a 50% increase on his sister who was 5lbs 5oz. He's now a week old, is a very content baby, and his pics can be seen at w w w . totsites . com/tot/nicholas1 (remove spaces). Hope everyone else's births go well.


Lala - January 16



disneymommy79 - January 16

HE is adorable !!!!!


SaraH - January 17

Congrats. He is so cute. Glad the labor went well


dedaa - January 17

Those are some cute pics. He is absolutely beautiful. Glad him and Sophie are getting along. Congrats again!!!!!!


starlight_94 - January 17

He is beautiful! Congrats


cindernar - January 17

Precious baby!


Bailey2786 - January 17

awso cute!


tubbybear70 - January 17

He is Adorbable!! Congratulations!!


StacyChambers - January 17

absolutely adorable, congrats!!!



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