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tracielee - December 6

how many of you have already taken birthing classes? is there anyone who will not be taking any classes? those who did, do you feel more prepared for labor? i'm just wondering because i'm finally able to take a class, but the hospital is all booked and has been for the last month or two. i may have to take private classes. what are your opinions about the birthing classes, do you feel they are really as necessary as my mother tells me they are? thanks!!


Faye84 - December 6

I took birthing cla__ses for my first. Honestly It doesnt do anything. I found it interesting because you got to learn about what your baby is doing while you are in labor, what they look like and all that stuff, But the actual breathing part wasnt anything big. Our nurse said to breath how you feel comfortable. It isnt something You NEED to do, once you go into labor you will know exactly what kind of breathing works for you. And if you need any advice your labor nurse will have alot of answers


wantsecondangel - December 6

Hi tracilee! I found the birthing cla__ses very helpful. I went thru it with my first dd (2 yrs ago). Aside from teaching you the breathing techniques, it also teaches you what your body is going thru during labor and what to expect and also the unexpected. My husband and I found it very informative. I would recommend it. Since the labor process is fairly fresh, we are not gonna take any cla__ses this time around. Good luck!


margie - December 6

My birthing cla__s didn't emphasize breathing or anything..thats more lamaze or maybe bradley? They did teach us some simple techniques but it was more an afterthought. We got taught really about the stages of labor, what to expect, how to tell if your going into labor...infant care, b___stfeeding...i'll say that it was really informative and especially GREAT for my boyfriend because he learned so much that was hard for me to explain to him about pregnancy and labor...I think it depends on your teacher probably, mine was awesome. I recommend it though for sure if you are a newbie like me!


Erins Mom - December 6

I took Bradley cla__ses with my last pregnancy (doesn't teach breathing methods by the way, just breath normal) and I found them extremely helpful...but they're a little more in depth than your average birth cla__s.


KRISTINA - December 6

I didnt take any cla__ses with my first or second. I wouldnt mind taking a cla__s, but I work full time and It would be difficult. My point of view is, women have been having babies FOREVER and Im pretty sure birthing cla__ses are pretty new in the grand scheme of things. I would actually suggest that a "what to do once the baby is here" type cla__s to be more helpful. Breastfeedding can be tricky for some and some people have never put a diaper on a baby. When in labor you will have lots of people there to help you, once the baby is there its up to you. So I would bone up on that kind of stuff.


evae777 - December 6

We are not taking birthing cla__ses. I want to but it is pure laziness that my hubby & I don't want to go! So I talked to my doc. He said that it is not necessary. There are other options like renting the video to watch at home or taking a tour of the facilities (I guess the nurses teach you a lot during the tours). My husband has 3 co-workers whom just had babies and none think the birthing cla__ses were worth it, but then again we are all nerds and have read a ton of stuff on labor, etc. so maybe that is why. I'm sure there is something to learn though, you can never know too much :D


cayingo - December 7

With our DD we took a cla__s that was way too time consuking and really didn't help. I found the huffing and puffing ways of breathing they taught very distracting, and when the time came I found for myself what helped me cope. Like Kristina said a baby care cla__s would be much more benficial if this is your first. This time around the only things we are doing is taking our 7 yo DD to a siblings clss that is specific to her age groups, and it offers a hospital/nursery tour.


coco797 - December 7

I took Lamaze even though most people said it was unnecessary and you end up not using it. Dh and I learned a lot, but mostly about what happens during labor and all that. Some of the breathing stuff I admit is kinda dumb, but he learned a lot and I think it helped him be more prepared for what's going to happen (we'll see when it comes down to it...I'm 36 weeks now). He would never read the books or anything so it got him to pay attention and learn. If you want to take the cla__s just to be more prepared, I'm sure you can find info on the internet.


Malica - December 7

I took generic pre-natal cla__ses. Only two of the 8 cla__ses were about the actual delivery. The rest was about things like how to know when to go to the hospital, common complications like GD and pre-eclampsia, and we even spent one cla__s on basic baby skills and looking at reusable and disposable diapers. I completely forgot everything including the breathing during delivery, but a lot of the other information was useful. It was especially good that our teacher was very approachable and we could ask her just about anything. She was able to give me the name of an osteopath/ma__sage therapist that could help with my SPD.


tracielee - December 16

thanks ladies! all this info REALLY helps!



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