Birthing Classes

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Angie - January 21

AHHH I have birthing classes today and I'm so nervous! Not that I think its scary but it just makes labor feel so close. HA and I thought I was ready for this!!


LRK - January 21

Are you going to a Bradley cla__s or a Lamaze? I just completed a Bradley cla__s. It made me feel so empowered. When we did the hospital tour last week, I knew so much more about the process (I think) than most people. I now feel more comfortable about giving birth. Not sure how I will feel when I am in the midst of it, but for now, Knowledge is Power.


Angie - January 21

I don't know the difference. I think it was Lamaze. It was nice and it made me feel so much more comfortable with the entire process. I can't believe the position you have to hold while your in delivery (for up to 4 hours!!!!)


Shannon - January 21

i took one lamaze cla__s before my baby was born, and i did a TON of reading up on the subject but when the contractions got really painful i forgot everything. so, make sure u have a labor partner that won't forget!


Marlene - January 21

I've been taking a birth cla__s and this week I watched the labor video.It scared me so much because I realize that soon that will be me and i'm starting to get nervous about being a mom. You are not alone


mommy356 - January 22

Are birthing cla__ses really helpful? I have heard two sides some say yes some say no. Most moms Ive talked to say they didnt/dont remember anything from them.


Angie - January 22

It did make me feel alot more comfortable knowledge wise of what was going to happen.


Jennifer - January 22

I had my baby recently. I took childbirth cla__ses and it helped some because I knew what to expect, and if you take one at the hospital you deliver at they will give you a tour of labor and delivery and the nursery. I felt more comfortable when I arrived because I'd already seen the rooms and all. But the breathing techniques, visualization and all that did nothing for me. I forgot everything once the real pain started. I couldn't focus on anything but the contractions. Take the cla__ses because they will make you feel more proactive, but just stay open minded about pain relief. I think it's great that some women can do it all natural and I respect them for it. But not everyone has the same experience or tolerates pain in the same way. You are no less of a woman if you get an epidural. Don't go into labor thinking it's going to be a breeze.



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