Birthing Classes Driving Me Crazy

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sugarbunnie - August 26

Ok i am 20 and my boyfriend is 21 we just started our classes and i feel really uncomfortable there we are the youngest out of all the couples and they are pretty rude to us! both of our fathers are wealthy and we work for them so we make good money we are also both only children and very spoiled we both have really expensive sports cars not mom and dad cars at all! and dont get me wrong they were not handed to us every thing we have we have worked our butts of for!!! anyways i have been talking tomy dad about trading my car in for an acura TL they are so nice! he has always wanted my car for his self so his friend owns the acura lot in town(we sell cars too) and when i got out of my class last night my dad was waiting in the parking lot with a my brand new car which i had to give him my car for which was an even trade! anyways some of the couples were making some rude comments in the parking lot and my dad hates when people assume i get everything from my daddy! so he had some words with them!!! he was pretty mean it was pertty nice it made me feel better cause i was not about to say anything! so now me and my boyfriend dont know if we should go back or not i want to so i will know what to do when i go into labor but i think it will be even more uncomfortable! what sholud i do?


itsybitsy - August 26

maybe there is something about the way you both act that people dont like. maybe they sense something you dont. like your dad really needed to give you a new car at the birth cla__s! also, you make it sound like everyone knows your dads are wealthy and they a__sume things about you. do you talk about yourselves all the time? just some thoughts for you to consider.


sugarbunnie - August 26

we had not even met these people they were rude since the day we drove up and my dad was excited to give me the car he was trying to surprise me and yes people know my dad has money he is always on tv


itsybitsy - August 26

so how would they know hes your dad?


Jane - August 26

Are you serious? God bless you if that is the worst of your problems. :)


sugarbunnie - August 26

i guess cause i am in the comercials too its part my business


Heja - August 26

It looks like they are jealous, don't worry about it, go to the cla__s and see how it is and then make a decision. Maybe instead of cla__ses try to find a doula.


Amie - August 26

You are taking the cla__ses to help you. It is nice to be able to socialize at things like this but you need the information this cla__s can give you more than friends. I'd say just go and try to be polite even if they are rude to you.


Ranya - August 27

If you just started your cla__ses, can't you sign up somewhere else and start fresh? If you are some kind of celebrity in your area, you'll probably always be treated differently unfortunately, some people will envy you and judge you before even knowing you. It's sad but try to minimize the things that could be most provocative to others...and congratulations on your new car!


Maleficent - August 27

this may come off a little snarky, but if you have so much money why don't you nix the cla__ses and hire a doula? she can teach you WAY more than a cla__s. it sucks being the youngest in your birthing cla__s. it was like that for us...with our second baby. talk about whispers and dirty looks.



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