Birthing Music Any Recommendations

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marie - March 29

Hello soon-to-be mommies! I'm 22 weeks and I thought i'd post my question here since you ladies are almost about to give birth. I am compiling songs for my iPod to listen to while I'm in labor. Do you ladies have any recommendations on songs that will be good to listed to while in labore? Or maybe if you can share whatever list of musics you are planning to listen to. Thanks!!!


kh - March 29

I think it's all about personal preference. What works for someone won't work for someone else. I'm doing the same thing--putting music on my ipod for labor, but I'm just putting a wide variety, from cla__sical to Madonna to Metallica. You probably won't know what you're in the mood for until you're actually in that stage. Sorry--I know that doesn't help. :)


Tillie - March 29

I've been thinking about this too. I'm thinking some soothing cla__sical music like Brahms or Chopin, or nocturnes (Schubert is always nice). You might also consider a yoga/meditation CD (without talking)--they can be incredibly calming. Almost chant-like. You might be wanting that as you turn "more and more internal" during labor, as my friend put it.


marie - March 29

Thanks kh and Tillie. You're right kh, it's more about personal preference. I guess I just want to know what everyone's preferenece is to get a good idea. But now that you said putting Madonna.. I started thinking about ABBA and how much I love the sond Dancing Queen. I will definitely add that to my list.


Tess - March 29

something calming and makes you relax.....just depends on what kind of music you listened to.


taral - March 30

I personally didn't like any music that was loud or that was exciting. Music I normally like really set me on edge. I like Shania Twain...but when my mom put her music on during serious contractions, I wanted to scratch someones eyes out!!! But I am really sensitive to what I'm listening to and the volume. Good luck.



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