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LM - December 22

Just curious if anyone has a birthing plan. I am 32 weeks, the only plan i have is to bring some massage oil in. My partner gives me wonderful back rubs.. gotta love the man!


ameigh - December 22

yepp. i do! =) its great and you should consider making one.. its real easy, just go to any search website... ex: google.. and type in birth plan and fill out the form then print it out =) good luck with everything.


Marlene - December 23

i'm 27wks and just made mine a few days ago. I went to google and typed in birth plan and just filled in what i wanted and didnt want. I'm giving one to my mom(my coach) 1 to the doc and one in my suitcase in case my mom forgets. i think having on is a great idea.


Heather - December 23

They really are great. The best way to get started is like the other 2 replies say - find the pre-made ones online and go through what you want and don't want. Very important though- take it in and discuss it with your doctor. That way he/she can talk to you about hospital policies, emergencies, ect. With my first I was dead set against any type of pain relief besides an epidural and the dr and all of the staff knew it! Well, I went from almost a 2 to being a 9 in about an hour and missed my window. At that point I begged for anything! hehe Ended up pushing less than 10 minutes later without anything. On my birth plan I was very adamant that I did not want anything even if I begged. Dr suggested me to state in my plan that this could be changed by me if labor continued for more than an hour after asking for something else. I put in 2 hours! I was glad I did - I had my baby exactly the way I wanted. But if I had continued at a 9 for 2 hours I would have had to have something!


Meredith - December 25

The best laid plans can fail. I fully expected to have an epidural, because I felt like a wimp concerning pain. Total labor time for me was a short three hours, and I could not get the time we got to the hospital, my baby was practically coming out. We joked that if we had hit a few more red lights, I would have given birth in the car. I freaked a few people out, and the doctor was not even able to make it on time. So my plans of pain relief were dashed and I gave birth completely natural. I was in shock for hours that I actually was capable of that. Not that I did not freak out least I will have an awesome birth story for my new little girl. Go ahead and have a plan, but do not be dissapointed if your little one has plans of his or her own.



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