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Trina_ - April 8

I'm really kind of confused with the whole birthing plan thing. Do most of you ladies have one? And what do you have on it exactly? I'm very confused....


mama3 - April 8

I've never had a birthing plan with my baby's. I was thinking about doing it this time, but I never needed it before. I just tell them if I disagree with something they want me to do, that I may not feel comfy with. Or if there is something I preferr or want to do I let them know. I guess its like doing what I want as I go. I personally couldnt fill out a birthing plan cause i'm not real sure how things are going to go while I'm in there or how I'm going to feel. Hope that helps ya alittle.


meme - April 8

Birthing plans are more for women who are going to a hospital but don't want medical or machinated interventions. If you go to a birthing center, they pretty much a__sume you're all natural. If you go to a hospital and want an induction, epidural, c-section, what-have-you, then it's not difficult to obtain your wishes in that sort of setting. You can make a birthing plan no matter what, but that just seems the case to me most often. You can look online for sample birthing plans.


Tess - April 9

This is my 1st pregnancy and I dont plan to have a birthing plan. mama3 is right...You wouldnt know how things are going to go while you're in there and how you're goin to feel. So I think it would be better if they would just ask me stuff then I would just either agree or disagree w/ them.


Kath - April 10

I think they are a great idea. The idea is not to set anything in stone, no one is going to hold you to anything in it if you change your mind when you are in labour and in pain, but you can write down and express things you might prefer, and things you want a nurse or doctor who may not be familiar with your case. I think it is a great idea to write it down to get what you want clear in your head, and to express yourself clearly. No one is going to hold you to it. I am 38 weeks, and my hospital (which is a smaller one in a country town in Australia) actually gives out a form for you to fill out if you wish, to find out your opinion on such matters. Asking things like "Have you given birth before? Is there anything you wish to change this time around? How would you like to find out the baby's gender if you don;t already know? Who is the baby to be handed to first?" The heading states that medical safetly is paramount, but that the midwives and doctors wish you to have the best birth possible in your opinion. Do think about doing one. Most pregnany books also have a guide on what to write, if you need ideas.


bean - April 10

I filled one out using an online template. I think even if you don't use one, it's a good idea to get familiar the questions found on one. For example, do you want the baby to room in with you or to go to the nursery? Do you want him/her to be given a Hep B shot right away? Do you want the Vitamin K shot immediately, or the eye gunk immediately, or in several hours? You may not be thinking clearly while in labor or right after delivery, and this is a good way to get your ideas sorted out before the big day.



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