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k - October 25

I recently found a website where you fill in the things you perfer during labor and birth. I was just wondering if anyone else has made a plan? And who do I give it to, my doctor or the hospital? And to anyone that has used one before, do they really respect your wishes?


Beth - October 25

I heard your supposed to have one, where'd u find that website?


Christy - October 25

I think it is nice to have a plan, as long as you realize that you may need to have and go to a plan B or C. I am not really making a plan, although my doctor has asked me about my feelings pertaining to an epidural vs. natural. Ask your doctor next time as to whom you should give the plan- my guess is both doctor and hospital, since the hospital won't have your chart from the doctor's office. I don't know if they follow your wishes, but I'd like to think they do given the increasing popularity of birth plans.


Jackie - October 25

Can you please provide the website? Thanks!!


k - October 25

the site is, thanks for the input christy!


Lynn - October 25

You should make the plan and give 1 copy to your doctor and bring several copies with you to the hospital. I fyou plan on having people other than your significant other with you during labor, each of them should have a copy of your plan and you should go over it with them in advance so that they can be advocates for how you want things to go during L&D. My doctor gave me a short plan at my 28 week check up and I used the info on that one as well as info from one in my childbirth cla__s & several online. visit - they have a really nice one that covers many of the bases and things most people don't even think about. I had a L&D nurse in my childbirth cla__s (actually taking the cla__s) and she said that birthplans get read & scrutinized by all of the nurses on staff & that they generally try to abide by everything medically possible listed in your birthplan.



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