Birthing Plan Can I See Someones

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Cassie06 - June 6

Help me! I am starting to get nervous about labor. We have been talking about it a lot in childbirth class and I ahve researched online some, but I am not sure how to express everything I want on paper so I can discuss it with my dr. What are some of the main points I need to make sure to cover? Does anyone have a copy of one I can see? Thanks!


SamiB - June 6

Hey, I was looking into making one and went to They have an interactive one that asks questions and you answer and then you can print out the plan that it makes up for you. I think it covers quite a few issues and even some I hadn't thought of!


Jenn2 - June 6

Is it pretty common to write a birth plan? I have one prepared, but I never hear about women writing them. I do not know how many women actually have one when they go into labor?


Ca__sie06 - June 6

I am not really sure how common it is. I have heard it mentioned, and they said it is usually stuff you ask your dr about anyway, its just better to have it written out so when you go the hospital you can give it to the nurses so they know what you want because you may not be thinking completely straight when a hard contraction hits! lol.


Been There - June 6

I never used one, but it seems to be suggested if you have special requests. For some people, in the chaos of it all, it helps to have some things jotted down to ask about or make clear in case of doubt.


mcatherine - June 6

I had a birth plan 3 years ago when I lost my son at 22 weeks due to fatal kidney defect. The nurses knew exactly what I wanted, how I wanted things done and never had to ask me a question about anything. They followed my all requests and wishes and double checked to make sure I hadn't changed my mind about some things. It was wonderful not to be asked by nurse after nurse about what I needed. When I left the hospital, the charge nurse thanked me and told me it actually made their jobs a little easier. I have a little longer than all of you I'm sure, but I have already started one for this baby as well.


DWilson924 - June 7

The best birth plan I found was on I say it is the best because it is the most detailed one I have found. All I did was went to google and typed in "birth plan" and started looking at all of the different sites that have birth plans. But the thing that I liked on is they have every thing sectioned off, such as Labor, then everything involving labor under that section. Then the next section, Monitoring, they have all of your options for being monitored, and so on. And all you do under each section is check off the option(s) you want and once you have finished it puts it all together for you. it's pretty cool and I highly recommend at least checking it out.



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