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Cat - June 7

OK dont get me wrong I love my baby and I can't wait until I have him and cuddle him etc but at this point of pregnancy I'm really getting irritaded with women that tell me " I just Loved being pregnant" "I never felt better" Are they forgetting about nausea,heartburn,swollen feet and ankles,breathing problems, backpain,lack of sleep,fatigue,contractions(bh),ribpain,headache,all the wonderfull tests at the docter and I'm sure there is more I forgot to mention. I just hope to see the same women pregnant and suffering and I'll be just playing with my baby laughing at them and telling them "I just Looooved being pregnant!


Christina - June 7

LOL, I agree!!!!!


ekay - June 7

I completely agree, MichelleB. Other than knowing you have another life inside you and actually feeling it move is the only positive of pregnancy. My back hurts so bad, I want to cry. And forget about sleeping-my sciatic nerve hurts so bad i can barely move at night. You are not the only one Cat. Just wait til the baby drops and it feels like there is a football between your hips.


nelly - June 7

i agree i am 33 weeks and am so miserable with feeling so big and ugly and not to mention the pain and getting up 4 times a night to pee. and the freaking heartburn and sore ribs im with ya sister. i have only got 7 weeks to go but i swear it seems like 7 years.!!!!!!!!!


Kim - June 9

I totally agree. this is my third pregnancy and I hate being pregnant. don't get me wrong, I can't wait for my new bundle but holy c___p. the things we women have to endure to have one. My allergies are acting up so bad that I am really b___hy. I have two other children 6, 4 at home in the afternoons and I find that I don't have the patience for them. Is this normal. Help.


nelly - June 9

Hi Kim i have a 4 year old she will be 5 next month and i noticed im feeling that way too, and it upsets me and i dont know why i feel that way i take care of her and do everything she ask and take her swimming but i just feel like i need time to rest and prepare for this one on the way and i want to get all the rest i can but i cant shes such a demanding little booger, i swear evertime i sit down shes hollering MOMMY!! i love being with her shes my precious baby but i wish somtimes someone else was home to help out so i could relax. i cant go to the bathroom without her nearly tearing the door down to get in.



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