Bleaching Hair In The Third Trimester

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gb_mom - February 9

Hy ladies, my question is. Is it safe for the baby if I bleach my hair in the third trimester, actualy 35 weeks pregnant. I am talking about full bleach w/ touching the scalp, not highlights. Thank you


Tammy276 - February 9

I personally wouldn't take the have 5 weeks left to go, why not just wait?


crystal74 - February 9

i agree to hole out for a few more weeks, baby will be here soon enough, then go for it. but i learned that there are natural dye's your hair dresser can use and as long as it doesn't touch the scalp and there's lots of ventilation, then it should be okay. but just hold out girly, your almost done :)


jenbabe - February 10

the only reason they tell you not to bleach is b/c the fumes that you breath in.. its not going to harm the baby. I bleached my hair in the first month.. and I have dyed my hair a lot thorough out this pregnancy... and my baby is perfect... I think its just a load of c___p to be honest and I wouldn't really worry about it.... just ask your doc... everyone has different beliefs about bleaching, tanning, and everything.. but honestly i think its just being wayyy to paranoid...


mary b - February 11

I have gotten my hair highlighted through out my pregnancy too...just be sure the hair dresser knows your pregnant, they don't leave the bleach on too long anyway...we don't have to have roots AND extra weight too!!


aliciavr6 - February 11

I dye my hair once a month, there's SO MUCH "don't do this, don't do that", if I didn't do any of the things I've been told not to, (which is about everything but breathing), I'd be miserable. I'd have no problems getting my hair done at 35w. I mean, how often have you heard of anything going wrong at all from hair dye? :) My doctor even laughed at me when I asked about hair dye at my first appointment. The ONLY thing I'd suggest is if the smell of the chemicals gets too intense, hold a towel over your nose/mouth.


steph115 - February 11

I asked my OB this question when I was about 12 wks and she said (touching her bleached blond highlights!) that there are recommendations out there that advise against it, but that she and all the other female OBs in her office maintained their color/highlights throughout their pregnancies.



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