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socurbaby7 - October 1

Ok im just really worried about things... i went to the hospital after this happened and all is well... but still i am worried.... the other night i had s_x with my babys father (who i am not with... and it's a really long story you can read in another one of my postings) and well when he pulled out after all of a sudden all of this mucus and blood jus poured outta me... so i was freaking out and called the doctor... who told me to go to the hospital for monitoring just incase... so i stayed there... and turns out everythings alright and the babys fine.. but for some reason i am still very worried about things... like i feel like there has to be something wrong.... and ontop off all of this im stressed out by everything going on with my family and my babys father.. i dont know what to do... im 33 weeks and scared


grace2 - October 1

I'm 39 weeks and had a similar experience recently. I also went to the hospital where they told me baby is fine and that it was probably just the cervix being bumped. Although they did lots of tests and an ultrasound I am still convinced something is wrong. It just seemed like alot of blood. It's hard, but all we can do is trust the doctors. I would love to hear from anybody who has had been through a similar experience. Although it's impossible not to worry, my little one seems to be doing fine and I'm sure that any major problems would have been detected at the hospital. If your baby checked out fine after being monitered I'm sure he/she will be fine. Try not to stress out too much. I'd like to hear if you get any updates. Take care!


socurbaby7 - October 1

i will definately let you know if there are any updates... and not stressing well thats not an option with the situation i am in.. but im trying as hard as i can... im glad im not the only one who has been through this and is worryign... but hopefully the doctors r right... but were u ordered to stay on bed rest after.. cause i was... so i feel like there is something they r trying to prevent... i dont know... let me know how everythhing goes


alirenee86 - October 1

If you went to the hospital and the baby is fine and all was checked, don't stress about it as it's going to just create a snowball effect. As gross as it sounds, it sounds like what has been happening to my nose!! Very randomly, blood will just pour out in a gobby, mucous like blob. I called the gyno and she said it's normal to pretty much have bloody everything during pregnancy...gums, nose, etc. I'm sure s_x just loosened up some bloody stuff and it's out. I wouldn't stress since you've been to the hospital.


Buffi R. - October 1

I have bleeding problems after s_x too, so much so that I've sworn off v____al intercourse until after delivery. I have a "friable cervix" which means it's prone to bleeding, especially with pregnancy when it's more sensitive and blood-engorged. Apparently I have two very prominant blood vessels on the outside of my cervix that bleed when bumped, even after the doctor examines me. I know s_x won't hurt the baby or pregnancy in my case, but I figure if it makes me bleed and I keep shrugging those incidents off, I might not notice a "real" problem if it starts. In your case, did he use a condom? If not, maybe the seman mixed with the blood and made it look a lot worse, and like there was more of it, than normal.



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