Bleeding After Birth First Child Compared To The Second

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krista-lee - September 26

h__lo everyone! im 38 weeks along with my second lo and very excited :) i was wondering, to anyone who have had 2 children or more, if the bleeding after you have the baby is any lighter than the first? with my first delivery i had a bad expierence cause it was rushed and no meds. I bled heavily for that day and the next day, and i wanted to know if its the same the second time around?


tryin44 - September 26

I have not noticed any difference in the bleeding. Your body has pretty much the same amount of liquids and healing to do with each pregnancy wether it is your first or second. I did notice that some things seemed better the second time around and others seemed worse. That could of just been circ_mstances though,


AmberNicole - September 26

One great thing about c-sections is they suck up most of the fluids before they close you up, and I had only a period type bleeding after my ds, and it only lasted about 2 weeks.


name - September 26

I bled for 5 1/2 months after my daughter. They never found out why.


jodie - September 26

I have a 22 month old son and a 10 week old daughter. My bleeding with #2 was alot lighter but seemed to last longer. As far as right after birth I bled a ton more the first time then the second. I was able to get out of the hospital bed this time with out that aweful gush of blood going everywhere...ewe..hahaha! Good luck! Having 2 kids is lots of fun!!


kimberly - September 27

I bled alot with all 3 of my babies. I just had my third and right after delivery I bled a lot. My placenta didn't want to come out so he had to go in and take it out. Well I bled so much that when I could finally get up to use the bathroom I pa__sed out and my dh had to catch me. I was fine after I ate and slept for a while. I am 6 weeks pp today and I am still bleeding. Sucks too because I see the Dr. tommorrow for my 6 week check.


inuk-mama - September 27

With my first I bled continuously for about 6 weeks. With #2 I bled for hardly a week and was done with it.


kim00 - September 27

With my first I bled for 6 months. I am now 4 weeks pp, and it has stopped.


sahm2alaj - September 27

With my 1st and 2nd I bled like a normal period for about 3 weeks or so. The 1st 2 days were pretty heavy, but afterwards it was light.


falafal0 - September 29

I'm pg with our fifth and after all of the four other labours I bled probably around the same amount of time, maybe two weeks if that. With the last week being much lighter. I'm appalled to hear that some of you bled for so long - holy cow!



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