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junemommytobe - May 26

Today was my third internal and I am 2 1/2 cm dialated. I am due on June 5th with my first baby. I just wanted to know if anyone else has started bleeding after there exams and if this is normal. I never thought internals would hurt as much as they it just me?


Tillie - May 26

I had an internal yesterday and bled a little bit afterwards. And yes it hurt horribly! I've had several and I find them extremely painful. I think that doesn't bode well for our impending labors...


Tiarali - May 29

It is actually fairly normal to have some slight bleeding after an internal or after intercourse.


everthiki - June 3

I hear you pain....I just had my first internal yesterday because they thought I may have been leaking amnio fluid due to increased discharge...(I am 29 weeks) and it hurt like hell. No bleeding though, but lots of cramping afterwards and this morning. Why are they so painful!!!!!!! I don't remember ever being in so much pain from a pap. Good luck junemommytobe!! Hang in there.


everthiki - June 3

I forgot to mention they found everything to be normal from the internal exam , but I have another one scheduled in 2 weeks. Not looking forward to it.


ashley - June 4

yes its normal. I had an internal done a week ago and they told me I could expect some spotting. However I didn't spot well not really I did have a very faint brownish color in my discharge. I didn't think the internal hurt as bad as the pelvic exam they gave me to check to make sure I didn't have an infection.


Corrine321 - June 4

I been having internals for about 4 weeks now.. I am currently 37 weeks and 6 days.. and yes the internals do hurt ( at least for me).. and the last couple that i have had that were done I did see spotting.. I asked the doctor about it and he told me that could happen..


Atarahsmommy - June 5

what is the difference between an internal exam and a pelvic exam? I thought they were the same thing



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