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synesthesia1821 - October 4

what do they feel like? how can you tell if you have one? what should I do if I think I have one? I was sitting at the computer a long time last night and got up and almost fell. I had a stabby pain that persisted for QUITE a while in my lower right shin. I get them upon sitting in either of my thighs... anyone have experience with this? I heard that if you have one they can pass to your lungs or heart and kill you. I'm very worried. I can't tell because I'm so swollen up EVERYWHERE from fluid retention and weight gain. =[


docbytch - October 4

Ashley: Sit flat on the floor with your legs totally extended in front of you. Then....flex your feet toward your head such that your heels come up off the floor just a bit. OR: Forcefully flex your feet using your hands in the same way... If you feel unilateral pain in your calf when you do this...this is considered a clinical sign of DVT. Yes...there is a concern for DVTs embolizing into your circulation and travelling to your lung (now called a Pulmonary Embolis)...but having a DVT does not necessarily mean it will travel to your lungs. Regardless...if you are having unilateral calf pain....TELL your doc. ESPECIALLY if you are having this pain and the swelling of the affected leg appears greater than the non-affected leg. I hope that helps you


synesthesia1821 - October 4

thanks. i'll try it... my thighs really seem to be the worst area.


synesthesia1821 - October 4

anyone else?


tori205 - October 4

usually i suspect dvt sometimes with an unrelenting calf pain that doesnt resolve with rest and elevation and sometimes even with pain meds...of course some swelling may be involved but not always...i have been surprised with some patients diagnosede with dvt b/c the only signs i have seen have been swelling and pain in calf. could quite possibly be cramps however, cramps usually resolve with some rest...if you have swelling and severe pain in the calf unilaterally that doesnt resolve with rest and elevation, call your doc...btw, you can also get dvt in the groin as well! but if the pain is in the shin region which is anterior, i usually dont suspect dvt but just a very bad cramp....good luck :)


tori205 - October 4

forgot to mention, the best way to rule it out is to contact your doc for a thorough exam!


LinLaceie - October 5

hi! I got a blood clot after my CSection. I was laid up in the hospital for 7 days which is what the docs say was part of the reason for it. I walked around for a week with it in my calf. I constantly felt like I had done too many excersizes, like a charlie horse. it was only in my left leg, I limped on it everyday. And they always did that, push on your feet towards your body to see if I had pain. But the day I get discharged (after I left the hospital) is when I felt it. Now I'm on blood thinners to get rid of it. It isn't a joke. The ICU nurse told me her friends daughter had one and she died 4 weeks after birth due to it. So make sure you get it checked out! GL!


synesthesia1821 - October 6

I'm getting really paranoid. this is the second night in a row where ive felt this pain in both my legs that does not go away upon standing/moving around. i tried the flexing but i dont exactly know what you the flexing supposed to make the pain stop? if so, then im screwed. cuz nothing is stopping this pain. its like a stabbing pain, and it really REALLY hurts.I'm not sure if that's what it is... but I'm very paranoid about this. I don't notice any swelling..


LinLaceie - October 6

No the flexing does not stop the pain .... if when you flex your foot towards your body and you feel the pain in your calf (or in your leg) then its a good sign you have a clot. If your leg feels like its a constant charlie horse, you might have one. I would call your doctor and get it checked out. It doesn't take long for them to check, and it's better to be safe than sorry.



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