Blood In My Urine

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Christan - May 8

I am 32 weeks along and at my doctor's visit last week the midwife informed me that there was a significant amount of blood showing up in my urine; however, I had no other symptoms of an UTI, bladder or kidney infection. The midwife sent the urine to the lab to be cultured and placed me on an antibiotic. The lab results came back negative. I am quite concerned. Has anyone else had this problem? Thank you.


Drew - May 8

There is a good possibility that maybe you have some small kidney stones. Other than a uti, this is most often the cause of blood in urine, and if they are small enough you wouldn't even realise you had them. My mom had the same thing happen to her, although she wasn't pregnant. Sure enough, there was "sediment" or small stones. Ask your midwife about this possibility. :)


shannan - May 8

Hi Christan, I had the same thing when i was 29 wks. I noticed some blood when i urinated and went to the Dr. They took a sample and put me on antiobiotics, but then the results came back negative. I haven't had a problem since then, but my Dr. did say that if it happened again, he would send me to a urologist.


luvmyboys - May 8

I agree with the kidney stone theory. That's what mine was. I don't have it anymore but I still had some blood in my urine during my last pregnancy. My midwife thought it could be related to early dilating/effacing because I was so far along at the time. But if it's more than a little bit, I'd look into kidney stones.


AML - May 8

I had this problem @ 12 weeks. My urine looked like fruit punch! Thats how much blood was it in.....they thought it was a UTI....and sure enough it was!


3babies - May 8

Hi Christan, sometimes women who arent pregnant get this result and it is from the hormonal changes going on in their body due to oestrogen depletion. This can cause the lining of the urethra to shed some red blood cells. If it keeps happening without infection present they usually send you to a urologist to be on the safe side, but nasties like bladder cancer are extremely rare especially in young people. I worked in a continence clinic and we would see a few patients each week with this result, none of them turned out to have anything sinister. Good luck!



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