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Marcy - April 3

I just got back from my 33 week appointment and I have high blood pressure. I had to sit at the doctor for 1 hour to bring my blood pressure down and also to have a nonstress test. My doctor says the baby is fine and reacting to all stimuli as she is supposed to. The doctor now wants me to come back in 1 week to check again. My blood pressure always goes up at first - due to anxiety and then goes back down. The doctor also wants me to rest! I teach fullday Kindergarten and I am going all day. Has anyone else had a problem with blood pressure in the Third trimester? All and any insight is helpful- Thanks!!!


luvmyboys - April 3

I haven't really had a problem with it, but all throughout my pregnancy it was really low, then starting in February it began slowly getting higher. Plus I started having a lot of swelling. So my midwife told me to go on a no-white sugar, no-white flour, no-processed foods diet, eating lots of protein and veggies and good carbs (whole wheat stuff). I only did it for ONE DAY and my blood pressure was back down to where it began, and my swelling went way down. So I've kept it up, I've done it almost a week now and it sure has helped. My body is way happier! I haven't felt hot and puffy in a long time. So it's something you could try.


3babies - April 3

Hi Marcy, this is my third pregnancy and I have had blood pressure problems with all of them... With all of them it starts creeping up around 21-22 weeks and I have to start medication. I get monitored more closely with regular bp checks and CTGs later in pregnancy. With my first it really started to go up at 33 weeks so my doctor sent me for an us to check foetal growth. Bubs was small but within normal limits. I say doc at 34 weeks and he was going on hols for 2 weeks but arranged for me to see another doctor weekly. The next week when I went (35 weeks) the doctor felt my tummy and said he thought bubs was too small. I said oh I've had an us but he's normal. He then took my bp and it was really high even on medn so it was off to the hospital on bedrest for me. They did an ultrasound which showed bubs was not growing at all and my bp was still high, so no choice but delivery. I had an emergency csection. The baby was only 4 1/2 pounds ... looked like a little frog, but just as the doctor rea__sured me, he was better out than in, as my placenta was deteriorating. He was so good we were only in hospital 9days and went home fully b___stfeeding. I'm not telling you this story to scare you, just to let you know that high bp often doesnt have symptoms you feel fine. If I hadnt have gone to the doctor on that day, I would not have had my son because the blood pressure causes the placenta to age prematurely. On a BETTER note, although I had the high bp exactly the same with my second son, it didnt affect him or the placenta at all, just me. He was born csection at 38 weeks, just over 7 pound .... so try not to stress, but really if doc says rest and give up work, listen, because it's just not worth the risk. With my first I didnt listen, and worked 1/2 time until the week I delivered. With the second my doctor stopped me at 22 weeks, and hard as it was I just did it. Good luck, I'm sure all will be fine ... sorry this is so long just something I'm pa__sionate about! - April 4

Before I had my baby boy, my BP started going up around 31 wks, but I had excessive swelling all over all throughout my pregnancy. I was going to the doctors 1 or 2 times a week just to keep track of my BP and each time I went they would stick me on the non stress test thingy. My doctor told me that the baby was smaller than what they wanted him to be. I ended up getting sent up to the hospital at 34 wks. b/c my BP was getting higher and they planned on inducing me, so they put the cervadil in me and I didn't make any progress so the doctor sent me home on blood pressure medicine to see if that would help. The medicine wasn't working so I ended up getting induced at 37 wks. and he only weighed 5 lbs. 4oz. He was a nice and healthy baby though.


meme - April 4

My cousin who's almost 39 weeks along now only started having probs with blood pressure in the past few weeks. Her doc has put her on bedrest.



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