Blood Pressure And Cramps

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Sam - January 16

Hi im nearly 38 wks with my first baby at my Antenatal last week my blood pressure was 135/65 and the consultant seemed to be concerned as it was previously 100/70 my midwife came yesterday to take it again it was still 135/65 but my midwife said it wasnt high and is nothing to worry about and hasnt offered my another appointment does this seem right to anyone? Also i have been having menstrual cramps for the last week on and off and midwife said not to worry it was because babies head is so low down im just a bit worried that my midwife doesnt think i need another appt do i just wait until baby comes?


Emily - January 16

When your blood pressure is elevated in pregnancy, there is always need to be concerend! Especially if you are always low at 100/70. Textbooks don't consider BP high until it's 140 systolic (top #) But this is a high reading for you. This exact thing happened to me, but my dr. blew it off. It did turn into a rare form form of preeclampsia called hellp syndrome. I didn't have protein inmy urine so it wasn't super obvious at first. Watch for swelling of the hands and feet. Our local stores have Blood Pressure machines, maybe you can stop in and get yours checked. If your pain was intense, it could have been elevated for that reason alone too. Hang in there. Trust your instincts. If you think something isn't right, go into the hospital & call your doctor. Tell her exactly what you think and feel! Good luck.


HEATHER - January 16

The drs are usually more concerned with the bottom number (diastolic) being over 90 for mild preeclampsia along with the top number over 140. But listen to your body. If youstart getting headaches that don't go away with any type of vision problems (spots - black or white), sudden swelling, weight gain of more than 5 lbs in a few days, or epigastral pain, call your midwife right away. If something doesn't feel right, you are the only one that knows - no one can know your body like you. Remember - you pay them, you're the boss!


elizabeth - January 16

I am 35 weeks and i have had high blood pressure since the 3rd and 4th months, now its gettin alot worse for the past 2 months it has been really high in the 160/91 and its goes up and down as it goes and if i lay down on my sides it goes down to just about normal. so now i have to deliver at 37 weeks so in 1 week and 6 days i have to get induced. im scared, but surley am ready.



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