Blood Pressure Question

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stefkay - January 10

Hi, I'm in the second tri, but want to post here in case I can get some more advice. I am seeing my dr. tomorrow and should be fine until then, but I have been having pounding heart here and there (which I've had 2 nurses tell me is normal due to extra blood volume in pregnancy), but last night I was having anxiety too about getting high bp (I've never had high bp, nor have I been told to watch for it or that I'm at risk for it, I'm just paranoid, lol) so I went to the pharmacy across the street to check my bp. It was actually 84/51 or something like that -- actually considered LOW! I called the nurse today of my specialist that I don't see anymore (because she is more helpful than my OB's nurse) and she mentioned getting my hemoglobin checked tomorrow for anemia when I see the dr. Has anyone experienced low blood pressure in pregnancy and is it harmful? I don't know if this is what my reading normally is as I dont check it regularly. I'm just afraid that waiting till tomorrow is too long or will I be ok? I feel fine other than the heart thing occasionally and am worried for the baby...


sarah21 - January 10

You will most likely be fine until your appointment tomorrow, especially if you don't have any symptoms. Just make sure you don't stand or sit up too fast and that if you feel dizzy you take it easy. Some women get high blood pressure in pregnancy, and others get low blood pressure. It'll be okay, just monitor it.


Iamamiracleangel - January 10

I've had high blood pressure my whole pregnancy, so my doc put me on blood pressure meds. My BP was 98/55 the other day ( really low for me) and he didn't say anything about it. Nothing about adjusting bp meds or anything.. You're most likely fine:) Like Sarah said, if you get dizzy or nauseous, make sure to let them know.


stefkay - January 10

Thank you guys so much :) I'm feeling a bit calmer and am pretty sure the dr. will say it is ok for now...



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