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Meghan - March 14

I just went to the bathroom and when i wiped i had alot of mucous and some stringy blood in it. I also had a loose bowel movement this morning. I was wondering how long after you have this bloody show do you go into labour? I am cramping really badly right now, and I havent had an internal exam for a week so I know the blood wasnt just from that. I have never had this before. I am 39 weeks so it would be lovely if this mean my little one will soon be on her way. thank you


sarahd - March 14

I haven't had a baby personally, but my sister had her blood show a few days before she went into labour - good luck!


Faye84 - March 14

I was told you can go into labor 40 min after you lose your mucus plug, BUT can also be weeks before you go into labor. If your cramping that might be the start of contractions...that part I really dont know, just pay attention to how long they are there for. Or you can call your doc.


wailing - March 14

My girlfriend lost her plug but didn't go into labor for a week. Everyone is different, I would just keep time of cramping/contractions and let dr know u think u lost the mucous plug


MichelleB - March 14

I went into labour about 8 hours after bloody show, and has loose bowel movement about 12 hours before baby was born. Good luck.


Meghan - March 14

thanks ladies! I had lost my mucous plug a week ago, like a HUGE chunk of it anyways and now just this morning is when i had the stringy blood in a bit of mucous. my cramping is in my lower back that comes around to the front, it does come and go. I haven't really been timing it though, I had a shower to see if maybe that might make them go away and it didn't so...I am haoping this could be it!


DDT - March 14

I started having bad contractions (2-3 min apart) about 3-4 hours after my bloody show, a lot of discharge and initial cramping. I had my baby 19hrs later.


DDT - March 14

oh I also had a loose bowel movement at about the same time I had the bloody show....still pooped a little during pushing though =(


nickie13 - March 14

Thats sound like what i went through i was 40.5 weeks when it happen to me and i had the baby the day after


Meghan - March 15

well you ladies are very encouraging! I slept all day and got lots of rest. right before I fell asleep at about 2 pm today I was in alot of Pain, i dont know what contractions feel like because this is my first baby but I am sure thats what they were. but when I woke up they were calmed down and almost non-exsistant. But now I am back in that same pain I dont know whats going on at all. And everytime I wipe after going pee there is pink on the toilet paper..I hope my water just breaks so I know for sure that I am in labour or not haha



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